Interview: Amy Tran Cassell – Senior Coordinator, Communications

August 18, 2021

Since this interview was published, Amy has moved on to the next step in her career. We wish her all the best and hope you enjoy her interview!

Tell us a little about yourself!

Hi – my name is Amy and I’m the Senior Coordinator of Communications with the Humber River Hospital Foundation. I joined the team in June and it’s been great to work with a group of such talented and caring individuals.

In one sentence, how would you explain your job to a friend?

My job is to let you know all about what’s happening at Humber through our digital channels! I have the honour to speak with Grateful Patients and staff to write their stories for our blog, and I also get to be creative in promoting the amazing events and initiatives that raise money for Humber.

Is there a Program of Care that you are particularly passionate about?

Definitely the Mental Health and Addictions Program. Prior to coming to Humber, I spent my career working within addiction and mental health organizations. I believe increasing access to services is so incredibly important, both at the hospital level and within the community. Humber has so many greats partnerships with mental health and addiction agencies in Toronto and I’m excited to help tell those stories.

In your opinion, what are the most interesting ways technology is being used at Humber?


“Pepper can teach kids about their procedure and will even answer their most common questions.”

There are so many to pick from! I would say what I’ve been most in awe of is the way Humber takes care of their patients. The Command Centre is an integral part of this process and acts like a ‘mission control’. It monitors and manages patient flow during every stage of their care with us.

Pepper is also pretty amazing. Pepper helps visitors find their way around the hospital and also helps kids keep calm before going into surgery. It can teach kids about their procedure and will even answer their most common questions. A child can ask, “Are you also having surgery today?” and Pepper will say, “Yes, I’m having surgery today, just like you.”

Do you have a favourite fundraising project?

Right now I would say the Virtual Concert for Humber Heroes coming up in October! This is a great opportunity to honour the huge sacrifices our frontline workers have made over the course of the pandemic. It’ll be a fun evening dedicated to them. I hope they will be able to take this opportunity to sit back and enjoy the show. Supporters have been donating Cozy Kits too, which goes directly to our frontline staff. Hopefully this encourages our Humber Heroes to take time for themselves for self-care and to recharge.

What do you love to do outside of work?

Amy in South Korea with icecream and Amy hiking with Josie.

“I couldn’t pass up this foot-long icecream in South Korea! I also love to get outside with my rescue dog, Josie.”

I love to travel and try out new restaurants and food. Our last big trip before the pandemic was to South Korea and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a foot-long ice cream cone!

My husband and I adopted our dog, Josie, a few years ago and the pandemic has encouraged us to get outside and explore trails and hikes together! It’s been fun to discover the greenery Toronto and the surrounding area has to offer, and it’s been good for both our physical and mental health. It’s surprising how removed from the city you can feel when you’re on some of these trails.

What inspires you? 

I’m really inspired by the dedication and passion of frontline workers everywhere. It’s clear how much they care for their patients. I’m also inspired by my friends who are always so supportive and hardworking. I also draw huge inspiration from my parents who have overcome a lot of change in their lives.