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Your support will make a critical difference to our COVID-19 response and relief. Share some love, stand in solidarity with our frontline healthcare team, and help make our Hospital ready for anything COVID-19 might bring.

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If you or a loved one meets the current vaccine requirements, and would like to learn more about booking an appointment, please visit the Hospital website:

Learn More: COVax Clinic Booking


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At Humber River Hospital, every move we make is with one goal in mind: to reinvent patient care with a unique combination of leading-edge technology and next-level compassion. Canada’s healthcare system is facing challenges it’s never seen before. The problems it faces are complex, but not unsolvable. Starting in 2015, Humber River Hospital ignited a healthcare renaissance fuelled by our donors.

We increased our Hospital’s efficiency, without sacrificing capacity for care. And a light went on. We pioneered new ways to improve patient outcomes. And a light went on. We used technology to bolster our people, giving them the tools and time they need to provide next-level patient care at every stage. And a light went on.

And now, our light is impossible to ignore.

Our donors are the key to our success, and we know first-hand the incredible impact they can make. You’re invited to be a part of the largest healthcare renaissance this country has ever seen.

  • Monica Testimonial Photo
    "My treatment at Humber has been life-changing. I feel listened to. The staff here are amazing. Just super, super, super great."



  • Joanne Testimonial Photo
    "I’m so grateful to everyone at Humber—and to the people in the community who support the Hospital with donations. Because of you, I was able to get the help I needed."


    Mental Health

  • Silvia Testimonial Photo
    "One night I got a call from our NICU nurse just to tell me that our baby was holding her head up on her own. It felt so good knowing how much they cared."


    Maternal and Child

  • David Testimonial Photo
    "Being diagnosed with cancer is scary. Everyone from my surgeon, to the ostomy nurses, physiotherapists, nutritionists – either met or exceeded my expectations. I can’t thank them enough."



  • Shaniza Testimonial Photo
    "Humber River Hospital Foundation’s donors are an important part of my story. You were with me every step of my recovery journey and I felt the impact of your donations first hand."


    Cancer Care

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