What is RiPL?

Whether you are just starting your career, embarking on a new chapter or celebrating your second or third act, RiPL is perfect for leaders who are ready to start their philanthropic journeys.

Rising Philanthropic Leaders (RiPL) is a group of ambitious, forward-thinkers who want to make a positive impact on the world, starting with Humber River Hospital. We support the Hospital through various philanthropic endeavours and rally our networks to join in the fun (and fundraising!).

As members of RIPL, we use the influence and trust we have in our communities to lead participation in noble and impactful Hospital initiatives. We decide where our collective funds can do the most good and have the most significant impact. We also get exclusive access to private events, as well as Hospital tours and Doc Talks, keeping us at the forefront of healthcare innovation.

How Does it Work?

  1. Donate: Rising leaders make a personal donation to HRH Foundation
  2. Decide: We then come together to decide on what innovative program or project at HRH we will fund collectively as a group
  3. Fundraise: The fun starts! Together we will plan fundraising events, campaigns and initiatives throughout the year and invite our friends, family, colleagues to attend and raise money towards our goal
  4. Repeat!

Our Members

Antonio Carvallo

Sales Representative
RE/Max Hallmark Bibby Group

Alison Chick

Senior Vice-President
Possibilities, Lumino Health

Michelle Garber

Co-Founder and Principal
Fab Fete Event Boutique

Mukul Manchanda

Managing Partner
Spergel Corporate

David Marrello

Associate Director
Growth Equity

Andrew Mihalik

Corporate Practice Associate
Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg

Tamara Niyazov

Co-Founder and Creative Director
Fab Fete Event Boutique

Robert Shapiro

Global Director Portfolio Management

Michael Simone

Enterprise Sales

Dr. Susan Tory

General Internist and Medical Director, Command Centre
Humber River Hospital

Estelle Zentil

PR Manager / Editorial Assistant
Dolce Media Group

Get Started

Join RiPL

Rising leaders make a personal donation (minimum of $1,000 annually) to HRH Foundation. Contact us to get your questions answered. Share a curiosity. Whatever stage
you’re at, let’s start a conversation and see where it leads us! :

Dave Welbourn
Senior Development Officer
(416) 242-1000 ext 81535
Shelly Koren
Senior Coordinator, Major Gifts
(416) 242-1000 ext 81513