North America’s Most Digital Hospital

Humber River Hospital is located within Toronto’s most diverse region. Over 20 different languages are spoken in our community—and we’re ready to interpret them all. Our outreach programs and partnerships help us connect with our neighbours and support a healthy, thriving community.

Our state-of-the-art facility is enabling our physicians and staff to deliver healthcare in new and innovative ways, and is a model of efficiency for hospitals around the world. Everything we do is designed to enhance not only outcomes but also the experiences of our patients and their families.

Humber River has been designed with patient comfort and privacy as a top priority. We are proud that 80% of our inpatient rooms are for single patients, with additional space to accommodate family members. Modern diagnostics equipment enables detailed, accurate patient diagnosis and treatment and our intuitive portals of care mean easy navigation and less walking within the building.


Inspire financial support for Humber River Hospital as it uses technology and innovation to reinvent patient care.


Create a lasting affinity with Humber River Hospital.




Lighting New Ways in Healthcare

At Humber River Hospital, every move we make is with one goal in mind: to reinvent patient care with a unique combination of leading-edge technology and next-level compassion.

Canada’s healthcare system is facing challenges it’s never seen before. The problems it faces are complex, but not unsolvable. Starting in 2015, Humber River Hospital ignited a healthcare renaissance fuelled by our donors.

We increased our Hospital’s efficiency, without sacrificing capacity for care. And a light went on. We pioneered new ways to improve patient outcomes. And a light went on. We used technology to bolster our people, giving them the tools and time they need to provide next-level patient care at every stage. And a light went on.

And now, our light is impossible to ignore.

Our donors are the key to our success, and we know first-hand the incredible impact they can make. You’re invited to be a part of the largest healthcare renaissance this country has ever seen.

A Healthy Balance

We’re defined by our commitment to providing a better future where our patients, their families, and the community feel more positive and less anxious about their healthcare.

Superior Patient Care

We’ve been innovating and reinventing patient care since the beginning, introducing single-patient rooms to our already high-tech facility.

Leading-Edge Equipment

We’ve invested in becoming the most digital hospital in North America by implementing new technology like the STERIS Real View system, helping patients and their loved ones stay connected.