Thank the people who went above and beyond with a donation in their name.

When words don’t seem like enough, we can help. If you need another way to express exactly how thankful you are, you can show your appreciation with a Gift of Gratitude.


 1. You get great care.

2. You give a Gift of Gratitude.

3. Your nurse, doctor, or caregiver gets recognized with a special pin and personalized card.

4. Our future patients get great care.


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Make Someone's Day at Humber River Health

Make a donation in honour of a Humber nurse, doctor, or caregiver, and not only will you make their day with a special recognition pin and personalized card, but you’ll be helping future patients get the same level of care — and no matter how you say it, that deserves a thank you.

To see photos of past pin-presentations, click here.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gifts of Gratitude?

“I don’t know how I can thank your Hospital enough”

At Humber River Health Foundation, we are proud to hear this all the time! When words don’t feel like enough, we can help. Gifts of Gratitude is our grateful patient program, created to give patients and their families another way to give back to a nurse, doctor, caregiver, or department who went above and beyond in providing care.

How does it work?

You get great care.
You give a Gift of Gratitude.
Your nurse, doctor, or caregiver gets recognized with a special pin and personalized card.
Your donation helps us give future patients great care.

Who can make a gift through this program?

While we created this program for grateful patients and families, anyone can make a Gift of Gratitude in honour of someone who works at Humber River Health.

Who can be recognized through this program?

You can honour anyone at Humber River Health including (but not limited to) nurses, doctors, caregivers, staff, volunteers, and even whole departments!

How will my donation be used?

By default, your donation supports the area of greatest need at Humber River Health. If you want to designate your gift to a particular Program of Care, just let us know when you make your donation! We are very happy to help you give back to the area of care that is closest to you.

When I give to recognize a caregiver, will they be notified?

Absolutely! Honorees are given a special silver lapel pin to wear proudly. Your words of thanks are shared with them in a personalized card. If you make your donation in the Foundation Office (Level 1, across from the Central Elevators) you will be given the option to handwrite your card. If you make your donation online or over the phone we will print your message for you.

Is there a minimum to give to recognize my caregiver?

There is no minimum or maximum donation amount. We gladly accept any donation amounts to recognize our staff in honour of their outstanding care. Tax receipts will be issued for donations of over $20.

Where can I find photos?

We have shared some of our favourite pin presentation photos in this Facebook album.


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