Lighting New Ways in Healthcare

Technology and Innovation at HRH

In 2015 we opened North America’s Most Digital Hospital with the very best leading-edge innovations, including first-in-Canada Medical imaging technology, state-of-the-art interventional radiology suites, an automated pharmacy, and so much more.

Here are some of the ways we are using technology and innovation to light new ways in healthcare.

Command Centre

Canada’s 1st Hospital Command Centre

Our Apotex Emergency Department is one of the busiest EDs in Ontario, and our Command Centre acts as a “mission control” to manage patient flow using real-time data and feeds from across the Hospital.

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Surgery Program

1st Surgical Program in Canada to use STERIS Technology

STERIS RealView provides real-time updates to family members throughout all stages of their loved one’s surgical journey.

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1st Anterior Hip Surgery in the GTA with the Hana Table

Performing hip replacement surgery through the front of a patient’s hip minimizes trauma, leads to less pain, and results in a faster recovery.

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Hybrid Interventional Radiology Suites

Our hybrid suites are a cross between an operating room and medical imaging suite, so surgeons can see, diagnose and operate all in one room. The rooms are sterile and surgery-ready, so surgeons can use the room for imaging and then operate on the spot if needed.

Augusto’s Story

1st Ventral Hernia Repair in Canada with da Vinci Surgical Robot

The robot enables a minimally invasive approach, which decreases the risk of wound complications, results in less pain for the patient, and shortens length of stay in the Hospital.

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Cancer Care Program

RIVA Robot mixes Chemotherapy Drugs

RIVA keeps patients and staff safe as it prepares chemotherapy drugs in a fully contained enclosure, performing frequent weight and barcode checks to make sure doses are accurate and complete.

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State-of-the-art ICG technology in Breast Reconstruction Program

An injectable dye and special imaging equipment helps plastic surgeons determine healthy tissue and improve breast reconstruction outcomes after mastectomy.

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Dialysis Program

NxStage Machines improve life for Home-Dialysis Patients

These small home dialysis machines are simple to use, and allow patients to dialyze at home more often with the help of a trained loved-one.

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Apotex Emergency Department

Omnicell Automated Drug Dispensing Unit

The Omnicell keeps medications secure, reduces medication errors, increases staff efficiency, and improves inventory tracking in our Jack & Pat Kay Emergency Psychiatric Unit.

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Maternal and Child Program

1st in Ontario to welcome Lucina Robot

This high fidelity obstetrics simulation robot allows Humber staff to practice delivering babies in a controlled environment.

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5 State-of-the-Art Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Pods

Each pod contains private rooms for each family, featuring the latest Giraffe Omnibed, a combined incubator and care station with specialized monitors.

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World-Renowned Child Life Program

This start-to-finish program that makes sure kids feel comfortable and safe on surgery day – and that their parents feel informed and empowered.

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Medical Imaging Program 


This is the most versatile, adaptable, and powerful MRI technology available today, allowing our Medical Imaging team to produce sharper scans, faster.

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GE Optima X Ray Lets NICU Babies Rest

A new mobile x-ray detector in combination with the GE Optima can be brought right into NICU rooms so babies can have x-rays taken without having to be moved.

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Mental Health & Addictions Program

Child and Adolescent Urgent Care Clinic

This program offers ongoing outpatient care to young patients who arrive in our Jack & Pat Kay Emergency Psychiatric Unit, if they do not require inpatient care but do need additional support.

Eduardo’s Story

Pharmacy Department

Automated Guided Vehicles

Our AGVs are self-guided robots that transport non-narcotic medication and supplies throughout the Hospital.

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PillPick and BoxPicker

The PillPick and BoxPicker robots dispense and package medication. Everything is tracked and everything is precise. We can even look up a patient 10 years after they were prescribed something and know which medications they were given, including the batch and lot.

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Seniors Care

Humber’s Elderly Assess and Restore Team (HEART)

HEART helps frail, at risk seniors transition successfully from hospital care back to their daily lives with the same—or improved—functional skills.

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Urology Program

da Vinci Surgical Robot

Urologists pioneered the robotic surgery program at Humber with the da Vinci Surgical Robot. Without major incisions, patients experience shorter recovery times, less pain and scarring, and faster return to daily life.

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