STERIS RealView: Giving Families Peace of Mind During Surgery

January 10, 2018

10:26 am: Surgery is complete and the patient is being prepared to leave the OR.

10:33 am: Patient has entered the Recovery Unit, you will be notified when visitors are permitted.


Imagine the peace of mind it gives families to know exactly where their loved one is throughout their surgical journey.

Humber River Hospital is the first Surgical Program in Canada to use the STERIS RealView patient tracking system, which uses Real Time Locating System technology to track patients throughout their surgery.

Family members anywhere can opt to receive text updates to their smartphones, updating them on their loved one’s progress. They can also track surgical progress on one of the television screens in the waiting area. Each patient is given a case number so that they may remain anonymous to others viewing the screens.


A mother watching STERIS updates in the waiting room.

Loved ones can receive updates at all stages, including:

  • Pre-operation Admission
  • The Operating Room or the Cystoscopy Suite
  • Post Anaesthetic Care Unit
  • Surgical Daycare for discharge or admission to the inpatient unit if they are staying overnight.

STERIS will update the family when their loved one is ready to receive visitors, so family members can leave the waiting room for a meal or a coffee without having to worry that they will miss any updates. Loved ones at work or abroad can also opt to receive notifications as updates become available.


WATCH: Dr. Stephen Halman explains how STERIS RealView is making a difference for patients and their families.