Leading Medical Technology

When the new Humber River Hospital opened to the public in late 2015, it brought to our community the impressive result of over 15 years of planning, fundraising and building. But the even better news for our patients is that we’re not done–we’ll never be done.

Humber River is your hospital and we need your help. We are striving to ensure that we’re ready for the challenges of tomorrow. With our donors’ charitable contributions, we will fund new equipment, programs and some of the world’s most advanced medical technologies.

The Hospital’s many programs of care showcase our advances, but also focus on maintaining our edge to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients. This has become the hallmark of Humber River’s Cancer Care program, which is guided by a simple—but powerful— belief that every interaction with patients and their families is part of a relationship.


Cancer Care

The fight against cancer is not a battle anyone wants to take on but it’s one for which Humber River is prepared. Our dedicated and compassionate team has developed a program designed to support our patients at every step along the way of what can be a very complex journey.

Thanks to our donors, our patients have the advantage of state-of-the-art tools. Tools like fully-digital mammography units that enable multiple x-ray images of a breast from many angles. The resulting 3-D images can detect even very small tumours. Chemotherapy drugs are some of the most complicated and toxic drugs used in the Hospital. To keep everyone (patients AND staff) safe in our Cancer Care Clinic and pharmacy, Humber River Hospital uses the RIVA robot to prepare these drugs in a fully contained enclosure.

Our Cancer Care Unit has been designed with patient comfort and respect at the forefront, for example:

  • Sensory suites in the Breast Health Centre help to distract and relax women having mammograms.
  • A choice of chemotherapy chair types and locations are available—from group to private settings.
  • Breast health navigators help guide a patient from prevention through diagnosis through treatment.

We also value the support that families and loved ones provide. Families are welcomed into chemotherapy treatment, surgery post-op and recovery rooms. Our leading-edge technology makes this both possible and safe. Loved ones are also kept up-to-date on a patient’s progress through a communication system that can deliver status updates to a list of recipients.

Help us continue to fight against cancer and build our cancer care program with your generous donation.