The Future of Canadian Healthcare

Humber River Hospital Command Centre

Every day hundreds of patients move through Humber River Hospital.

It takes a vast team of highly skilled and highly interdependent healthcare professionals to ensure our patients move through the Hospital smoothly. Constant communication and careful coordination are key.

The Command Centre is a highly advanced, data-driven ‘mission control’ situated at the very heart of Humber River Hospital. The 4,500 square foot facility enables us to monitor and manage the flow of our patients at every stage of their care journey with us.

Here’s how it works:

Making an Impact

Our Patients, Our People, Our Community

The Command Centre’s impact on patient flow will be equivalent to adding 45 new beds, enabling us to serve 4,000 more patients per year.

  • For our patients, the Command Centre means timely access to care. That means less time waiting for beds to open up, shorter hospital stays, and speedier discharges.
  • For our physicians, nurses and other staff, the Command Centre means they can focus their attention and energy and delivering quality patient care and achieving the best possible healthcare outcomes, and spend less time coordinating patients’ movement.
  • For our community, the Command Centre means we will be able to serve the changing needs of a growing population and continue to deliver quality care.
Humber River Hospital and GE Healthcare Partners have joined forces to build...

Canada’s First Hospital Command Centre.

Our Command Centre draws on a vast array of real-time data and video feeds from across the hospital, and uses advanced algorithms and predictive analytics to continuously interpret these data flows. It’s all displayed on a massive, multi-screen display of 16 key analytics metrics affecting patient flow. This provides us with a fast, instantaneous view of how effectively our patients are moving through the Hospital.

It is staffed by an integrated, interdisciplinary team of professionals drawn from key departments across Humber River Hospital, including Emergency, Medicine, Surgery, Nursing, and Operations. When our team identifies a potential patient-flow bottleneck or other delay or problem, they can take action.

Key Data Points

The Command Centre technology and team monitor key data points and other patient-flow elements to ensure our patients move through their care journeys swiftly. These include:

  • Emergency department volume
  • Bed allocations and assignments
  • Room cleaning
  • Critical care capacity
  • Surgical scheduling
  • Discharge planning