Monthly Donor Sarah Continues To Give Back

March 24, 2022

Sarah has been a monthly donor to Humber River Hospital Foundation for many years.

Sarah Finklelborough has been a grateful patient at Humber River Hospital for almost 15 years. She’s had over 20 surgeries at the Hospital and continues to receive excellent care from physicians like Dr. Luke Fazio and Dr. David Starr.

“Everyone has been absolutely wonderful. Dr. Fazio, Dr. Starr and all the nurses are just professional and great. I cannot thank both of them enough. Both have saved my life,” Sarah said.

Recently, Sarah was back at Humber for another surgery with Dr. Starr. She went into that surgery feeling confident that he had helped her get well and always goes home with great joy.

Most importantly, she was thrilled to receive the great care that the Hospital always provides.

“Seeing that your Hospital is still going and knowing patients like myself can still go in to get surgery during the pandemics absolutely wonderful,” she said. “The care was still there when it was needed and that’s all that mattered. The doctors and nurses have put in the hours and have had struggles, but I’m grateful.”

The Importance of Monthly Giving

Due to her experience as a patient, Sarah has been a monthly donor to Humber River Hospital Foundation for many years.

She recalls the time when Dr. Fazio told her that she had low-grade bladder cancer. At that moment, she knew she had to give back to the Hospital.

“I just want to do my part in helping the Hospital in my small way to say thank you for the care that you’ve given me and that I appreciate it,” Sarah said.

In fact, her monthly giving plays a vital role in the future of our community by supporting ongoing initiatives to enhance the quality of care at the Hospital and she encourages others to do the same.

“To receive the care that you need at Humber, I feel it’s only right that you give. Even if it is a small amount a month, the Hospital will still take it and utilize it,” she said.

Become A Monthly Donor Today!

One of the most impactful ways you can help Humber River Hospital is by becoming a monthly donor today, just like Sarah and Mara.

Click here to support Humber River Hospital by becoming a monthly donor today, or contact Saneh Singh, Annual Giving Officer, at!


Humber River Hospital Foundation would like to thank Sarah for sharing her story with us.