Interview: Giulia Moltisanti, Special Events Coordinator

April 4, 2018

Since this interview was published, Giulia has made a career change. We wish her all the best and hope you enjoy her interview!

Tell us a little about yourself!

I guess you can say I am the new girl in town, I have been working at Humber River Hospital Foundation for 2 months as the Special Events Coordinator. I have always been the person in my group to plan and organize everything, but I also like to add a creative spin. The chance to work as a Special Events Coordinator is the perfect opportunity to combine those concepts.

In one sentence, how would you explain your job to a friend?

I help organize awesome events that raise money for an awesome hospital.

Humber’s Command Centre is a data-driven mission control for the Hospital

Is there a Program of Care you have a personal connection to?

With so much that has gone on in my life, I hold a close connection the Emergency Department. I really appreciate everything that goes into being on the front lines and thank every person that plays a role in saving lives.

What are the three most interesting pieces of technology at Humber?

Integrated Bedside Terminals – I was introduced to Humber last year when my nephew was born here. My brother couldn’t wait to show me all the cool things the IBT could do, like tint the windows darker, turn off the lights, and more. My niece was even able to play some games while waiting around in the hospital with her parents. I thought that was all pretty neat!

Command Centre – Having a data-driven “mission control” is such an awesome solution to help improve patient flow and experience here at the hospital. I haven’t had the chance to go inside for a tour yet, but I plan on doing that very soon!

Automated Guided Vehicles –On my first day here, while I was getting a tour, the elevator doors opened and a robot rolled out of it! Finding out it was an AGV on its way to deliver medications to the floors seemed like such an efficient and cool way to help the process!

Giulia Moltisanti

Giulia in New Zealand

Do you have a favourite project?

Since I am still pretty new, I can’t say I have a favourite just yet, but I can say I am really excited for the upcoming River Ball Gala in May: Glitz and Glamour By The River. It is our largest event and has so far been really exciting to plan because it falls into a whole new world than I am used to.

What is one awesome thing you’ve done in the last year?

I had the chance to travel the world for 10 months with my partner. It was an experience of a lifetime and really showed me to appreciate the simple things.

What inspires you?

In short, my family is my inspiration. I have learnt something different from each one of them. My parents inspire me to be kind, affectionate, and tell your loved ones that you love them every day. My brother inspires me to find humour in every situation, while my sisters inspire me to be the support you need in someone. My entire family inspires me to cherish those around you, and appreciate what you have.