5 Things You’ll Find Inside a Single Inpatient Room at Humber River Hospital

February 28, 2018

WATCH: Humber River Hospitals Recliner Chairs

At Humber River Hospital, 80% of our inpatient rooms are single rooms. Here are five key features of the rooms that we love:


Convertible Sleeper Chairs That Pull Out Into Beds

Patient-Centred Care means family-centred care. In all of our single inpatient rooms we have chairs that pull out into beds, so that family members can be with their loved ones and so that our patients can wake up and see a familiar face. We have no set “visiting hours” – because friends and family are important and are always welcome at Humber River Hospital.

IBT Humber River Hospital

IBTs connect our patients with their social networks, call nurses, control room temperature, and more.

IBTs (Integrated Bedside Terminals)

IBTs connect our inpatients with their social networks, call nurses, read barcodes, control room temperature, and can be used to pull up parts of a patient’s electronic medical records too. Best of all, our inpatients can use their IBTs in many languages including English, French, Italian, Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic, Punjabi, Russian and Tamil.

Tint-Controlled Windows

Did you know that the windows in patient rooms at Humber River Hospital can be tinted light or dark using the IBT in your room? One of our favourite applications is how our paediatric patients are able to heal surrounded by soothing sunlight, and their parents are able to tint their windows to dark for nap time.

Your Own Bathroom

Every inpatient room at Humber has its own bathroom equipped with a toilet, sink, and shower, giving our patients privacy while also being more convenient for those with limited mobility.

A View of Humber’s TD Green Roof

A View of Humber’s TD Green Roof

Humber River Hospital’s green roof spans 13,192 square meters. In addition to being friendly to the planet, it’s friendly for our patients too; The green roof is visible from the vast majority of inpatient rooms, as natural views in hospitals can have a positive impact on healing. Planting was designed to LEED Sites standards, so that no clean water needs to be used to maintain it.