High Tech: MediTech Oncology Solution

November 1, 2017

Humber River Hospital was the first hospital in the province to integrate the MediTech Oncology Solution, which is used in our Cancer Care Program to order, book, schedule and track each patient’s treatments. This integrated system reduces the risk of error that comes with writing and rewriting information while transferring data between systems, and because all patient information is in one place, it provides a single view of a patient’s progress.

RIVA Chemotherapy Robot

The RIVA robot mixes chemotherapy drugs.

MediTech also connects seamlessly with the RIVA robot, which prepares chemotherapy drugs at Humber in a fully contained enclosure. RIVA prepares these drugs, and performs multiple weight checks and barcode scans throughout to ensure doses are accurate and complete for every individual patient.

The entiresystem is designed to mitigate the potential for human error, to increase efficiency in our Cancer Care Program, and most importantly to keep patients and staff safer.


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