Building Lasting Relationships: Magdalena and Dr. Kosalka

August 26, 2021

Magdalena and Zbigniew recently welcomed baby Natalia into their family. Natalia is their 11th baby born at Humber River Hospital with Dr. Ted Kosalka leading the care of each pregnancy along the way.

Dr. Kosalka with Magdalena and baby Natalia in the Maternal Child program.

Dr. Kosalka with Magdalena and baby Natalia.

Dr. Kosalka remembers meeting Magdalena when she was pregnant with her first child in 1999. “Her oldest is now in university and it means a lot to me that Magdalena and Zbigniew continue to come back to Humber for every new child,” he says.

During her pregnancy with Baby #10, Magdalena recalls a number of complications that arose. Due to the years of care and strong relationship she had built with Dr. Kosalka, she remained trusting of the guidance from him and his team, and both mother and baby had a healthy delivery.

“Dr. Kosalka is a miracle worker. He and his staff team have been here for us for every baby. We live over an hour away, but we wouldn’t think of going to anyone else or anywhere else.”

Throughout the years, Humber has seen some big changes. The new Wilson site opened in 2015 with 80% single patient rooms. Since then, Zbigniew has a bed of his own thanks to the recliner chair in each room and the family has use of a private washroom.

Dr. Kosalka has been with Humber since 1994 and has delivered over 7,000 babies over the course of his career. “People like Magdalena and Zbigniew come back because of the Humber difference. Our Hospital has leading-edge technology and the importance placed on providing good patient care is unparalleled. How you focus on the patient and how you care for them – that’s why they come back.”

Magdalena, Zbigniew, and Natalia are now at home and adjusting to life as a family of 13.

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