How Allan Ramkissoon, Chandra Narayan, and Their Children Plan on Leaving a $1 Million Legacy at Humber River Health

November 23, 2023

After building and growing a thriving business, Allan, Chandra, and their children are looking to give back to their community at Humber River Health, a natural extension of their family values.

Building a Business, Raising a Family

“Our whole family feels grateful knowing we can do this, making a difference, and touching people’s lives.” says Omisha, daughter of Allan Ramkissoon and Chandra Narayan.

Allan Ramkissoon was only seventeen when he began his career in the airline industry at the GTAA as a baggage handler. He went on to study avionics, and over the years gained experience in many areas of the airport, including pushing and towing planes, de-icing before flights, developing flight load plans, and security – All of which he learned first-hand.

Along the way, Allan married his wife Chandra and together they had four kids, Aneal, Omisha, Govinda, and Sanjay.

“From a young age, we learned a lot about family, kindness, and the power of relationships from my parents,” says Aneal. “Culture and giving back is very important to us – Many of my early memories are from our visits to the Vishnu Mandir Hindu Temple every Sunday.”

In 2010, Allan decided to start Airside Security Access Inc., providing security services for contract workers and other personnel at airports within Southern Ontario, which includes Toronto Pearson Airport, Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, Hamilton International Airport, London International Airport, Buttonville Airport, and Waterloo International Airport with a staff of up to 150 pre-pandemic.

“I remember one night when the kids were quite young, Allan was working on paperwork at home, and I thought ‘I can help you with this stuff’,” says Chandra. “Thirteen years later, here we are! All of our kids have worked with us in very hands-on roles. We have helped accomplish many major projects like the tunnel from the mainland to the island, terminal expansions, and countless restaurant openings. I thoroughly enjoy the work we do, and we all like to see our projects through to completion.”

“All four of us are very different but we’re aligned and have learned so much about communicating and compromising with each other,” says Govinda. “A lot of that experience comes from running a business together.”

“We all take a lot of pride in getting it done, in being reliable,” says Sanjay. “To know that big projects are getting done thanks to what we do means a lot. I grew up seeing my dad with his boots on the ground whenever it was needed, and that’s something he has passed down to all of us.”

Leaving a Legacy at Humber River Health

Allan and Chandra were first introduced to Humber River Health Foundation by Sisi Chakrabarti, a close family friend and member of our Planned Giving Advisory Committee.

“Leaving our gift through life insurance made sense from a financial perspective,” says Allan. “We know that one day we will pass on, and this way we can help as many people as we can.”

“I have always wanted to give back in a big way, but I didn’t know where to start,” says Chandra. “Originally we had considered naming a room at Humber River Hospital, but after some thought Alan said he wanted to name a full Unit. Allan doesn’t ask for his own needs, let alone his wants, so when he said that, I just knew it was important to him.”

In recognition of the family’s generosity, their donor signage will be proudly displayed on 9 East, reading: Allan Ramkissoon, Chandra Narayan & Children Inpatient Unit East

“It was the first space offered to us, and in our culture the number 9 and the East direction are both auspicious. It felt like a sign. Since we learned about this opportunity of giving, we’re looking for even more ways we can help,” says Chandra, who had joined the committee for Illuminate: A Diwali Celebration.

“My parents have taught us that when you have the best intentions, anything is possible,” says Omisha. “Our whole family feels grateful knowing we can do this, making a difference, and touching people’s lives.”