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October 31, 2022

When you choose to make a gift in your Will to Humber, you become a member of the Aspen Grove Society, a dedicated group of donors who are connected by generosity, kindness, and compassion for the future health of your neighbours.

Leaving a gift in your Will may be a big decision, which is why we created the Planned Giving Advisory Committee, a group of professional advisors committed to supporting our Aspen Grove Society. Our Committee includes people specialized in the areas of legal, estate, tax, insurance, and financial planning.


Meet our Planned Giving Advisors


Planned Giving Committee 2022

Our Planned Giving Advisory Committee from Left to Right
Back row: Walter Simone, Chanchal Chakrabarti, Yanique Russell, Anthony Gordon
Front Row: Varinder Kalia, Mark Halpern, Domenic Amodeo
Not pictured: Cindy Himelstein, Rita Zakka


Your questions answered.


 Q: I just recently lost my husband of 42 years and I’m coming to terms with my new life as a widow.  It’s been really hard, but I’ve been leaning on my family and friends for support. This life change required me to re-do my Will, which my lawyer helped me with, but many of my friends have shared with me that they have included a gift to a charity in their Will. What are the benefits of this and how would I go about leaving a gift in my Will to my favourite charity (i.e. Humber!)?

Yanique: Let me start by extending my condolences to you and your family.  There are indeed benefits to leaving a gift to a charity in your Will and I’m happy to share more with you. Read more.


Q: I’m 67 years young and I’m so grateful for the life I’ve built.  My kids are all grown up and independent and my family is in a really good place.  Recently, I was reviewing my Life Insurance policy that’s up for renewal, but I’m not really sure it fits my life anymore.  Instead of cancelling it, is there a way to donate it to charity instead?

Mark: Absolutely, yes! The benefits of giving through Life Insurance are many. Donating with cash, cheques, or credit cards is not always the most tax-efficient way to be generous. A gift of Life Insurance can be the most cost-effective way to give. Read more.


Our Planned Giving Advisor Committee is here to answer your questions on anything from leaving a gift in your Will, to giving through RRSPs, RRIF and more! Do you have a question you would like answered by our experts? Please contact Caterina Magisano at or submit your question now:


To learn more about the Aspen Grove Society click here. This information does not replace advice from your professional finance advisor. Please contact them with questions about your specific financial plan.