Year End Tax Tips: Make a Holiday Gift to Humber!

December 14, 2022

We have to admit (despite the weather) we are thrilled to be heading into the holiday season; a magical time of year with sparkling lights, warm drinks, and time with family.

It’s also an exciting time of year for us at Humber River Hospital Foundation with many donors choosing to make end of year donations, to take advantage of the tax benefits!

Thanks to your donations, patients like Eduardo are able to receive the support they need in our Child & Adolescent Mental Health Program, our Endovascular Surgeons can repair hearts and blood vessels guided by leading-edge imaging technology, and we are expanding our Robotic Surgery Program to help even more Canadians.

Here’s a quick video from our friend on our Planned Giving Advisory Committee Anthony Gordon, CEO and Financial Advisor at FiduSure Financial Inc., who shares his tips and tricks to mitigate taxes with philanthropy:


Our team is always available to discuss this type of giving, or any other planned giving options like leaving a gift in your Will, to gift of stocks, to giving through RRSPs, RRIF and more. We affectionately call this group of donors the Aspen Grove Society – an homage to the public art project on our Hospital building.  In an aspen grove—though it has different colours, shapes and different sizes—all the trees come from one root system.


Caterina Planned Giving

If you’d like to learn more about this type of giving, or to start a private and confidential conversation, please contact Caterina Magisano at 416.242.1000 ext. 81516,

This information does not replace advice from your professional finance advisor.  Please contact them with questions about your specific financial life plan.