Updates on our Robotic Surgery Expansion

November 24, 2023

As we kick-off the second year of our three year $10 million campaign to expand our innovative Robotic Surgery Program, support from our donors is already making a difference. Together we have already raised over $5.9 million! The Robotics Program now includes the new da Vinci Xi, two ROSA robots, and Intellijoint HIP—but we’re not done fundraising yet!

Support from our generous donors has brought our ambitious vision to life, but reaching our goal will be critical in keeping Humber’s best-in-class program going for years to come.


da Vinci Xi: Operating on an Entirely New Level

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, the new da Vinci Xi is now being used by our talented surgeons at Humber River Health. As the most versatile surgical robot on the market, this next generation da Vinci has given our surgeons the ability to expand our offerings to include treatment for prostate cancer, kidney cancer, complex rectal cancers, ventral hernia repair, and hysterectomy. It has better range of motion, magnified 3DHD visualization, and greater precision meaning minimal scarring, reduced risks, shorter time in hospital, and quicker return to normal life for our patients. But we’re not done yet–reaching our full $7 million goal for the Xi will be critical to keep this life-saving program at Humber.


The ROSA® Knee System: Greater Precision for Double the Patients

Our donors have brought the second ROSA® to Humber, making us the first hospital in Canada to have two of these robots, and allowing us to double our capacity for robotic knee surgeries. The next generation in surgical planning and execution, ROSA® robotically guides surgeons during total knee replacements, allowing far greater accuracy in positioning. The ROSA® knee implant also comes in both standard and narrow sizes to match various patient ethnicities, genders, and statures, and the robot even adapts to surgeon workflow, providing surgeons with data-driven intelligence during the surgery. Thanks to the donors who have made this possible, our surgeons have performed over 1,000 ROSA® cases!


Intellijoint HIP

Another first-in-Canada, Humber River Health introduced the Intellijoint HIP in 2022, thanks to funds raised by our donors. This state-of-the-art navigation system enhances the accuracy of incisions and implant placement during hip replacement procedures. Intellijoint HIP is now being used in over 85% of our hip replacement surgeries at Humber, creating efficiencies and improving patient outcomes as we ramp up our program. Humber was the first public hospital in Canada to adopt Intellijoint HIP. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to keeping this program running!


Let’s Start Making an Impact

To learn more about how you can make a difference in expanding robotics or to make a donation, please contact Caterina Magisano at cmagisano@hrh.ca