From Doctor to Patient: Herman’s Story

June 7, 2022

Dr. Herman Kupeyan recently had hip replacement surgery at Humber River Hospital

Dr. Herman Kupeyan remembers the feeling of disquiet that comes with a risky business venture. He specializes in reconstructive and implant dentistry and owns one of the busiest Prosthodontist clinics in Windsor. Many years ago, he was faced with a choice: computerize his practice, or sell it and do something else.

“Looking back on it, it was a no-brainer,” Dr. Kupeyan said. “The computer navigation technology we brought in allowed for more accurate procedures and reduced the time we spent in surgery. It was much better for patients and made our practice more efficient. But it was very costly. A big risk.”

So when it was Dr. Kupeyan’s turn to be the patient, he was drawn to a hospital that shares in his entrepreneurial spirit. He asked other specialists for advice on where he should have his hip replacement. The feedback he received was consistent – Dr. Barry Cayen at Humber River Hospital.

Humber at the Forefront with Intellijoint HIP

When Dr. Kupeyan met with Dr. Cayen, he was pleasantly surprised to learn that, thanks to donors, Humber recently adopted a state-of-the-art computer navigation technology for total hip replacements. The Intellijoint HIP system allows surgeons like Dr. Cayen to more accurately place the prosthetic hip during surgery. This can help reduce certain complications after the procedure. It also eliminates the need for x-rays during surgery, which frees up that resource for other procedures in Humber’s busy Operating Rooms.

“The outcome exceeded my expectations,” Dr. Kupeyan said. “My pain before surgery was 9 out of 10. And it wasn’t just my hip, both knees were very sore. Immediately after surgery, the pain was down to about 0.5 out of 10. Dr. Cayen prescribed pain medication but I didn’t take it. I took Tylenol to help with discomfort when I slept, but that was it. I was blown away, truly.”

Quick Recovery Post-Surgery

Dr. Kupeyan was back at work part-time two weeks after his surgery. This was a huge contrast to his friends who had hip replacements. The big difference – in addition to Intellijoint – is the surgical technique used by Dr. Cayen and his colleagues known as anterior approach. They access the hip from the front, which preserves the muscles and soft tissue around the joint. This results in a faster and less painful recovery for patients like Dr. Kupeyan.

“When I learned what Humber was doing, I was so excited because I understood the impact computer navigation had on my practice,” Dr. Kupeyan said. “I also did research at the University of Michigan in this field many years ago. I knew then that computer guided surgery was the future and when I came to Humber, I could see they embraced that philosophy as well. But aside from the technology, I was also impressed with the whole experience, from the preparation before surgery to my recovery. Humber took care of everything. I know how important that is for patients. Believe me, it makes such a difference when you don’t have to ask for anything.”

The Impact of Intellijoint HIP

Intellijoint HIP is just the latest technology introduced by Humber’s Orthopaedic Program

Intellijoint HIP is just the latest technology introduced by Humber’s Orthopaedic Program. Dr. Cayen and his colleagues have established a culture of innovation, which means Humber is now a destination of choice for Orthopaedic care in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.

“Surgical technology is always changing, and it’s up to us as physicians to stay at the forefront of this change,” said Dr. Cayen. “There is risk involved and a lot of time spent with our teams retraining when new technology is brought in. We also depend on the generosity of donors, who provide the seed funding required to purchase new systems like Intellijoint HIP. But we do it because it’s the best thing for our patients. If we can improve overall outcomes, even incrementally, it’s worth it.”

Expanding Robotics

Humber River Hospital Foundation would like to thank our generous donors for funding the acquisition of Intellijoint HIP. This innovative technology has made a positive impact on patients like Dr. Kupeyan. Humber River Hospital is at the forefront of surgical innovation in Canada and with donor support, we will continue to expand our Robotic Surgery Program.

To learn more about how you can make a difference in expanding robotics or to make a donation, please contact Caterina Magisano at