A Toonie at a Time, 96 year old donor Josephine raises $25K for Humber River Hospital Foundation

June 27, 2018

It has taken 8 years, but 96 year old Josephine Voltan has raised $25,000 for Humber River Hospital Foundation.

Josephine Voltan Bake Sale

Josephine sells cookies, trinkets, scarves, and asks others to donate.

When Josephine was 87, she was diagnosed with stomach cancer. She met Humber River Hospital surgeon Dr. Alexander Iskander and oncologist Dr. Jonathan Wilson, who vowed to do everything they could to save her life, and keep her going for years to come. She was nervous about the surgery but her physicians answered all of her questions and she decided to put her trust in them.

“Dr. Iskander saved my life and Dr. Wilson keeps me alive!” says Josephine, “I’m so grateful to be able to spend more time with my family.”

Josephine knew she wanted to support the team who saved her life, and started raising money for Humber River Hospital Foundation a year after her surgery.

She writes poems, holds sales at her retirement home, The Village of Humber Heights, and tells everyone about the doctors who saved her life. She sells cookies, trinkets, scarves, and asks others to donate. Josephine is currently working on a book about her life that she also plans on selling to raise money for the Hospital, with the help of her daughter Sonia.

Josephine Voltan Dr Wilson Dr Iskander

Josephine at her plaque unveiling, with Dr. Wilson and Dr. Iskander

As Josephine always says:

A toonie is good,

A loonie will do,

If you don’t have a loonie,


In recognition of Josephine’s support, Humber River Hospital Foundation named an inpatient room on the Hospital’s Oncology Unit after her. At her plaque unveiling, Josephine was interested in seeing her donor sign, but she was even more thrilled to spend some time with Dr. Wilson and Dr. Iskander again.

The inpatient room named in Josephine Voltan’s honour gives patients and their families a quiet and comfortable space to heal on Humber’s thirteenth floor. She continues to be a community advocate for the Hospital.

Thank you Josephine for all of your support, and congratulations on reaching your goal!