It’s A Tie! Breast Health & ICU Win at WINK Den

March 10, 2022

It’s a tie! Breast Health and the ICU are both winner’s at this year’s WINK Den!

Earlier this week, on the evening of International Women’s Day, 26 women of the Women in Kindness (WINK) virtually gathered onto their Zoom accounts with their cozy at-home experience kit, ready to hear directly from the two deserving Humber program finalists: Breast Health and the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Rita DeMontis, Sun Media National Lifestyle Editor, was the special guest host of this year’s WINK Den. She took part in a fireside chat setup on the third floor of the Hospital with the WINK members watching online.

WINK members heard from both of the ICU and Breast Health’s physicians and staff to help them finalize their vote for which program would win this year’s $110,000+ gift.

The Winner Is …

It was a tough decision to make, but ultimately, the final count resulted in a tie! The ICU and Breast Health teams made history at this year’s WINK Den when they were both crowned as the winners!

The ICU team pictured with Rita DeMontis and HRHF President, Sandra Sualim.

Now, the $110,000 gift will be split in half between the two programs.

The ICU is planning to use their prize towards purchasing cardiac monitors and creating 12 new ICU beds as they provide care for the most critically ill patients in our community.

This will increase our total bed count to 60 ICU beds, allowing more critical care beds available for the sickest patients, keeping patients closer to home so families can visit easily and often and making sure Hospital services remain open, even in times of crisis and pandemic.

“Thank you so much! At the end of it all, we’re happy to be standing here with the Breast Health team and splitting your generous gift,” said Ronak Gandhi, ICU Clinical Operations Manager.

Meanwhile, the Breast Health team will use their gift towards improving their breast cancer patient’s experience through seed localization surgery.

The Breast Health team pictured with Rita DeMontis and HRHF President, Sandra Sualim.

Thanks to innovation and new technology, the Breast Health team is able to insert a small, implantable seed directly into the patient’s tumor, making this much more comfortable for them. They will be able to go about their daily lives prior to their surgery.

This one-stop shop of doctors, technologists and nurses helps breast cancer patients monitor, treat and recover from breast health issues.

“This gift means so much for the women who come in to our Breast Health clinic, more than you know. Thank you!” Natasha Batchelor, Breast Health Supervisor and Navigator, said.

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