Inside A Kids’ Room in Humber’s Paediatric Inpatient Unit

June 19, 2018

No parent dreams of spending the first few weeks of their baby’s life in a hospital, but for baby “G”, Humber’s Paediatric Inpatient Unit became home for three weeks as he battled a life threatening infection.

Integrated Bedside Terminal

Baby “G”‘s mom used the IBT in his room to tint the dynamic glass windows dark during nap time.

He stayed in a single patient room, surrounded by soothing sunlight. At nap time, his mom would use the Integrated Bedside Terminal (IBT) in his room to tint the dynamic glass windows to dark and control the room temperature.

Mom and dad never left his side, each taking turns reading to him, showing him his toys, and making sure he knew he was never alone. During the day, they used the workstation in his room to stay on top of their work, in full view of their newborn.

At night, his parents stayed over in the recliner chair that pulled out into a double bed. In all of our single inpatient rooms we have chairs that pull out into beds, so that family members can be with their loved ones and so that our patients can wake up and see a familiar face. We have no set “visiting hours” – because friends and family are important and are always welcome at Humber River Hospital.

Thank you for bringing the comforts of home to Humber River Hospital for our littlest patients and their families.