How Humber River Hospital is Keeping Families Connected during COVID-19

March 23, 2020

Providing family-centered care has always been a priority at Humber River Hospital, and as Humber’s visitor policy continues to adapt to the current COVID-19 situation, the Hospital is finding new ways to keep patients in touch with their families.

In accordance with Ministry of Health directives as of March 20th, 2020 Humber River Hospital is no longer permitting visitors at all three Humber River Hospital sites, including the Finch and Church Reactivation Care Centres and the Wilson site (There are a small number of exceptions including for patients who are at end-of-life, paediatric patients, patients receiving surgery, and patients giving birth. Please visit the Hospital website for up to date information).

While physical distancing will go a long way in helping us flatten the curve, social connection is just as important as ever. Here are some new ways Humber is helping patients and their families stay connected:

Clinical Updates

While visitors are no longer permitted in the Hospital, our nursing staff are offering patients and families clinical updates from the bedside twice a day. This allows for care planning and status updates as well as an opportunity to have social time on the phone.

New Patient Family Liaisons

As of March 23rd Humber River Hospital has introduced a new Patient Family Liaison (PFL) role. Our PFLs are in the units carrying an ASCOM phone that allows patients and their families to connect. The ASCOM phone number will be given to families as a direct line that they can call. Click here for a beautiful example of a Patient Family Liaison helping one family celebrate their 67th wedding anniversary.

Integrated Bedside Terminals

Every inpatient room at Humber River Hospital’s Wilson Site has an integrated bedside terminal (IBT), which can connect our patients with their social networks, Skype, call nurses, control room temperature, and more. To support our patients through this period of transition Humber River Hospital is providing free TV, free phone calls, and free internet on its IBTs.

Virtual Visits

While Humber is still looking into more virtual options that will help support connecting patients and families, at the Reactivation Care Centres, staff have borrowed some tablets from Humber’s Information Systems Team to ensure that patients and families can use for their virtual visits.

We know how important family and friends are – especially when someone is in need of healthcare. So while our visitor policies may change, be assured Humber is keeping family-centered care top of mind.

If you feel inspired to help Humber River Hospital with our COVID-19 Response, click here.