After a Horrible Workplace Accident, Domenic is Back on His Feet

March 22, 2023

Domenic was 27 and working for a high-rise condo builder when a platform fell from a storey above, crushing his foot under thousands of pounds of concrete.

“I immediately knew I was in trouble,” says Domenic. “I was rushed to Humber River Hospital’s Apotex Emergency Department in an ambulance from my job site.”

Dr. Andrew Marsh

Eleven months after his accident, after five surgeries, having pins placed in his foot, and months wearing a boot, Domenic is walking and working out again.

Dr. Andrew Marsh, an Orthopaedic Surgeon and Foot & Ankle Specialist, assessed Domenic after he arrived at the hospital. Because of Dr. Marsh’s expertise in this area, he knew surgery had to be done right away. That decision likely saved Domenic’s foot.

“Dr. Marsh and the team at Humber basically rebuilt my foot then and there,” says Domenic. “There was a high likelihood that I would lose my foot, and he was very straight forward about the severity of my injury and the potential outcomes. There was so much going on, but I felt comfortable with Dr. Marsh.”

According to Dr. Marsh, “Domenic’s foot was severely damaged. There was a huge open wound on the inside surface of his foot, from his big toe to his ankle, and multiple bones were broken or dislocated. The wound needed to be cleaned immediately. When that was done, we put all of the bones back into place with pins. We restored blood flow to Domenic’s foot, which was essential for his recovery.”

Following his emergency surgery, Domenic was admitted to the Hospital. He stayed at Humber for a month, during which time he had multiple surgeries with Dr. Marsh and Dr. Sagar Desai. Dr. Buki Ayeni, a Humber Plastic Surgeon, was also involved in Domenic’s care.

“We worked on Domenic quite a bit while he stayed at Humber,” says Dr. Marsh. “His foot was so badly damaged that we had to make sure it was healing properly. It took several months for the wound on the inside of his foot to fully heal.”

“I was pretty immobile and the nurses during my stay were so great helping me with anything I needed,” says Domenic. “I also got to know Dr. Marsh really well. He probably ended up working with me more than any other patient – and I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up being one of the most severe injuries he will see in his career. He would visit me after his shifts every day, which was incredible of him.”

Eleven months after his accident, after five surgeries, having pins placed in his foot, and months wearing a boot, Domenic is back on his feet. He is walking, working out, and doing physiotherapy with the high likelihood that one day he’ll return to some of his favourite activities like golf and hockey. He also hopes to return to working in construction, in an office role.

“It’s nothing short of a miracle,” says Domenic. “I have come so far from my accident that day. I am very grateful to Dr. Marsh and the team at Humber River Hospital.”