When you sign up to be a monthly donor, you play a vital role in the future of our community. Every dollar we receive makes a difference to Humber River Hospital, our patients, and their families. Committing to regular donations shows your support for our ongoing initiatives to enhance the quality of healthcare – today and into the future.

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Your Gift Adds up Quickly

Did you know that our monthly donors give an average monthly gift of $18.33? Multiply that by our hundreds of amazing monthly donors, and this adds up to over $50,000 a year! You can see why they make such a huge difference to our Hospital.

You’ll Receive Behind-the-Scenes Content and Information

Saneh Monthly Donor Email

Have you met Saneh, our Annual Giving Development Coordinator? Once a month, Saneh sends out a Humber Check Up (an insider’s scoop) to our monthly donors, so that they can see how they’re reinventing patient care through their gifts each and every month. Think: robots, patient stories, lifesaving surgeries, and more!

You’ll Get Access to Exclusive Pricing for Select Events

Do you love getting special deals on some of the hottest events in the city? To show our appreciation, we offer our monthly donors special discount codes for select events including The Best of Italy.

Annual Tax Receipt

Part of being a monthly donor is making your gift easier and more impactful. Monthly gifts have lower administrative costs so more of your money goes directly to the hospital, and with one annual consolidated receipt, your charitable contributions are easier for you to manage at tax time.


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