Interview: Dr. Grace Yeung, OBGYN

Tell us a little about yourself! I’m Dr. Grace Yeung and I just started working at Humber River Hospital this…

April 23, 2020

Interview: Dr. Lesley Hawkins, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist (OBGYN)

Tell us a little about yourself! My name is Dr. Lesley Hawkins and I have worked at Humber as an…

March 5, 2020

Humber’s New Portable X-Ray Machine is Letting NICU Babies Rest

Imagine how fragile a baby in Humber’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is. Whether they were born too early or…

February 26, 2020

Born weighing only 816 grams, baby Harvie is thriving thanks to Humber’s NICU

Manpreet was 32 weeks pregnant when she learned that she would need to deliver her baby boy by unplanned C-Section…

February 18, 2020

Interview: Dr. Tania Samanta, Paediatric Respirologist

Tell us a little about yourself! I’m Dr. Tania Samanta, and I’ve been a Paediatric Respirologist at Humber River Hospital…

January 8, 2020

Interview: Dr. Lara Hart, Paediatric Gastroenterologist

Tell us a little about yourself! My name is Lara Hart. I’m a paediatric gastroenterologist with niche expertise in education…

December 17, 2019

Celiac Disease: Matteo and Giuliano’s Story

Seven year old Matteo was admitted to Humber in April 2018 with dehydration due to the flu. “Dr. Hart happened…

December 11, 2019

Meant To Be: New Parents Win the Perfect Painting for Baby Ariel

The morning after his daughter Ariel was born at Humber River Hospital, Toby was looking for a coffee when he…

October 23, 2019

First in Canada: STERIS RealView in the Labour & Delivery Unit

For the first time in Canada, the same STERIS RealView technology that has been giving families peace of mind on…

September 24, 2019

Interview: Dr. Graham Black, Paediatrician

Tell us a little about yourself! My name is Graham Black and I am a Paediatrician at Humber River Hospital….

August 21, 2019