Your Impact in 2022

March 2, 2023

So much of what we do at Humber River Hospital is made possible by your generosity.  From equipping our teams with leading-edge technology allowing them to provide the best care for patients, to keeping our Hospital going during the pandemic, we have accomplished great things together. These are just a few of the exciting ways your gift has played a role:


Advances in Robotic Surgery

Our Robotic Surgery Program has leapt forward once again with the help of our donors. For the past decade, surgeons at Humber have used the da Vinci Si Surgical Robot, the centerpiece of our Murphy and Helen Hull Robotics Centre, to perform complex minimally invasive procedures ensuring better outcomes for our patients. With your support, we have upgraded to the da Vinci Xi, the most versatile surgical robot on the market, which is allowing us to expand our surgery offerings even further. The new donor-funded ROSA® Knee System guides surgeons during total knee replacements, facilitating greater accuracy in positioning, adapting to surgeon workflow, and providing data-driven intelligence throughout the operation. And Intellijoint HIP, a state-of-the-art navigation system, enhances the accuracy of incisions and implant placement during hip replacements.


Acessa ProVu: An Innovative Treatment for Uterine Fibroids

This year, Humber River Hospital became the first hospital in Ontario to use Acessa ProVu® – a thorough and minimally invasive new way to treat uterine fibroids. Although most patients with fibroids are asymptomatic, many experience uncomfortable symptoms including abnormal menstrual bleeding, pelvic pain, urinary problems, difficulty getting pregnant, and issues during pregnancy. Fibroid treatment often requires surgery, but Acessa’s innovative technology allows physicians to treat fibroids without incision or cutting of the uterus, and preserves more healthy uterine tissue by delivering heat directly into each fibroid to destroy fibroid tissue.



Accuvein Vein Finder

AccuVein AV 500 Vein Finder

When it comes to inserting IV’s or taking blood samples for patients in our Cancer Care Program, our nurses and technicians are extra careful to prevent damage to their already weakened vascular systems. But the human eye only goes so far. With donor support, we have purchased AccuVein, a visualization technology that illuminates the veins beneath the patient’s skin, helping nurses access veins on the first attempt. The AccuVein AV 500 works on all skin and body types, and our teams are now equipped with the device both in the Cancer Care Clinic and on 13 West, our inpatient unit for cancer patients.



Responding to the Paediatric Patient Surge

It has been a difficult fall and winter for Ontario’s paediatric healthcare system with three viruses circulating in our communities: COVID-19, influenza and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). Humber River Hospital received many transfers of patients under the age of 18 and our Paediatric Unit has been in surge for months. Our urgent need for support was met with a fast and generous response from our donors, allowing us to ramp up our paediatric capacity to 150% and meet the needs of our community. Your support allowed us to outfit each additional paediatric inpatient room with specialized equipment including monitors and vital sign machines designed for children and infants.


Expanding our Child and Adolescent Mental Health Urgent Care Clinic

Thanks to donor support, our Child and Adolescent Mental Health Urgent Care Clinic has now delivered four years of life-saving care for young people who arrive at the Hospital through our Jack & Pat Kay Emergency Psychiatric Unit. This year, the Clinic supported an increased volume of 780 visits from children (some as young as 7), youth, and their families – an increase of 100 visits over last year. The Clinic team has also expanded to include a new social worker, bringing the total to two full-time social workers dedicated to these young patients.

“I had never felt so low in my life and I was afraid I would never get better. Humber taught me that asking for help actually makes you stronger.”
– Joanne, Grateful Patient.


Two female nurses in our ICU stand in an empty inpatient room setting up equipment.

Frontline Education Fund

Throughout the pandemic, support from our donors helped energize and encourage our Hospital’s frontline teams. Thanks to the outpouring of generosity, a portion of funds were used to establish the Humber Frontline Education Fund which allows staff to apply for a grant of  up to $1,000 to upgrade their skills and enhance current programs. Many Humber staff members have already taken advantage of this valuable program! By investing in the career-growth of our wonderful talent at Humber, the Frontline Education Fund is helping provide continued excellence and advanced care here in our Hospital and community.