The Nanji Family Foundation Pledges $100,000 to COVID-19 Gift Match

April 28, 2020

Grateful for their family’s luck, Gulshan and Pyarli Nanji cannot accept all of life’s blessings without giving back.

Thank you to everyone who helped us meet our goal! You helped us unlock the full gift match, which has now officially ended.

This week, the Nanji Family Foundation has stepped forward with a $100,000 gift match in support of Humber’s COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund, allowing Humber River Hospital to respond without delay to rapidly changing needs in order to keep patients and their families safe.

“Everyone going to work in a hospital today is somebody’s loved one,” says Mr. Nanji. “There has been no other health crisis where we as Canadians have depended so much on the generosity and personal sacrifices of our healthcare workers.”

When the Nanji family saw CBC coverage from inside Humber River Hospital’s Apotex Emergency Department, they knew they wanted to support our fight.

“Dr. Nimjee and her team were so courageous and professional,” remembers Mrs. Nanji. “Any of us could have been a patient on those stretchers.”

That enduring sense of gratitude has been the driving force of the Nanji Family Foundation’s giving. Mr. and Mrs. Nanji often reflect on how lucky their family is, and cannot accept all of life’s blessings without giving back. They founded the Nanji Family Foundation to uplift others, especially in health and education.

“To the healthcare workers, we are indebted to you beyond words,” says Mrs. Nanji. “We are aware that you have your families to look after yet you come and look after us and ours.”

With this gift, donations to the Emergency Response Fund will be DOUBLED. This generous gift-match is a timely and crucial contribution to Humber River Hospital Foundation’s multi-million dollar fundraising campaign to fund Humber’s response to the coronavirus today and well into the future. The gift from The Nanji Family Foundation will be added to gift match started by The Krawczyk Family Foundation – so all gifts are now matched up to $200,000. Today, we are asking everyone in the community to donate what they can and support Humber’s care teams in their fight against this pandemic.

“As difficult as times are right now, please give what you are able to,” says Mr. Nanji, “No amount is too small, and no amount is enough. This crisis is teaching us how to be a community again.”


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The COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund

Our current healthcare needs are rapidly changing and this fund gives Humber River Hospital the ability to respond without delay. Donations to the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund keep our Hospital ready for anything the coronavirus might bring, ensuring the safety of our patients and frontline healthcare workers. The first $200,000 raised will be matched dollar for dollar by The Krawczyk Family Foundation and The Nanji Family Foundation, so your donations will do even more good.