Shoppers Drug Mart: Growing Women’s Health at Humber for Over 10 Years

May 21, 2020

Every fall since 2009, Shoppers Drug Mart has been supporting Humber River Hospital Foundation through its Growing Women’s Health Campaign. Since then, they have raised over $252,700 for our Maternal and Child Program!

Shoppers Drug Mart

Last fall, twenty Shoppers locations chose to raise funds for Humber River Hospital, raising a combined $29,405

Growing Women’s Health is a national campaign which allows individual Shoppers locations to choose which charity they want to support. Last fall, twenty locations chose to raise funds for Humber River Hospital, raising a combined $29,405.

“Many of the locations that choose to support Humber River Hospital are in our catchment area,” says Saneh Singh, Senior Development Coordinator of Annual Giving. “We have the same “customers”, the same community. A lot of their staff and their patrons come to Humber and rely on our services as well, so it’s a nice partnership that way.”

The locations sell paper cutouts that customers can “buy” through a donation. Each donor writes their name on their cutout leaf, apple, butterfly, or bird, which is then displayed on the windows.

Jay Khetia, who owns the Shoppers Drug Mart at Keele and Wilson has been supporting Humber River Hospital for years through his business, not only through Growing Women’s Health, but also through meaningful ways such as Humber’s Art Easel Program and by donating gift cards. He is a Loyal Hearts Donor, who has donated every year for over 10 years now.

“Before the new Hospital was built, we were approached as partners in healthcare, so I’ve been passionate about supporting the Hospital from the beginning,” says Jay. “Shoppers has been able to grow our support to twenty stores because these locations can all personally see the impact that Humber River Hospital has on their communities.”

“It’s really great having Jay as a champion for us,” says Saneh. “He is so passionate about pharmacy and is often behind the counter himself helping clients. He really cares about his community, so it makes sense that he supports Humber right across the street.”


*We would like to thank the following Shoppers Drug Mart locations for their support in 2019:

1084 Wilson Avenue

3110 Bathurst Street

3975 Jane Street

3874 Bathurst Street

1840 Eglinton Avenue West

770 Lawrence Ave West

1017 Wilson Avenue

620 Keele Street

1995 Weston Road

3530 Derry Road East

1735 Kipling Avenue

2795 Bathurst Street

1597 Wilson Avenue

415 The Westway

3446 Dundas Street West

123 Rexdale Boulevard

2047 Avenue Road

1533 Jane Street

2343 Eglinton Avenue West

528 Lawrence Ave West