Nurses of Humber: Reflections On Work, Passion, and Inspiration

September 26, 2017

We interviewed 7 nurses from across Humber’s Programs of Care, and learned about their work, their passions, their inspirations, and the little things they do to make a difference for their patients.



Aaron Chen, Registered Practical Nurse, Geriatrics

“I worked in a nursing home before coming to Humber, and I really enjoy taking care of older adults. Our patients count on us, and for them little things make a huge difference. We help them with basic care needs like brushing their dentures, helping them walk, and assisting them while they eat. It is extremely important and meaningful to these patients.”



Jasent Harris, Nurse Clinician, Mental Health

“Our mental health patients are a community. They take care of each other. They are full of empathy and compassion, and it’s my goal that our patients are seen as people. Every time I work with a new patient I ask them three questions: How are we treating you? Are you being treated with compassion and respect? And, do you feel that we’re seeing you?”



Hassan Akhoond, Registered Practical Nurse, Dialysis

“We really build a relationship with our dialysis patients because they come in regularly. Most of our patients are here for four hours, three times a week, so they get to know the nurses very well. I’ve found that blankets make a huge difference for them. It’s something small we can offer that provides a lot of comfort.”



Kendra Leo, Registered Nurse, Emergency

“I’ve always liked helping people. In Emergency we meet people when they’re in a crisis and have the opportunity to make a significant difference. I drive an hour every day past ten other hospitals to work with my team at Humber. We’re like a family. Emergency Staff work very hard. It’s impossible to predict who is going to come through our doors but, no matter what, we always deal with it. It takes the entire team. I truly love this department.”



Kuldeep Bhangal, Registered Nurse, Cardiology

“I’m a nurse because taking care of other people is my passion. I do my best to treat the patients here as I would my own family. When I’m here, I’m here. The most important thing is how we communicate with people, in Cardiology and in any other medical field.”


Ronak Gandhi, Registered Nurse, Intensive Care Unit

“I’m actually a Humber baby! I was born at the Finch legacy site. My first professional job was here in the ICU. Moment to moment, it’s all about the patients and their families. The work we do is family-centered. Every morning, the family is invited to rounds so our goals of care stay completely transparent for everyone.”



Maria Lacson, Registered Nurse, Cancer Care

“Working in oncology at Humber has taught me to appreciate life and appreciate the people around me. People often think that oncology is a sad department but it can make a huge difference to everyone involved when we treat patients and their families as people.”



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