NEW: Digital Donor Recognition Wall

October 27, 2017

You may have noticed something new this week in Humber River Hospital’s “Main Street”… We are proud to finally unveil our Digital Donor Recognition Wall!

This donor wall is the first of its kind in a GTA Hospital, as we are the first to install a fully interactive screen alongside the digital recognition screen. This means our visitors can really dive into who our donors are and what impact that are having on healthcare in our community.

We have a donor wall, like most (if not all) hospitals and universities around North America, to thank and recognize leadership giving support. We want to decorate this building in part with the names of the people who helped build it. Each donor listed on our recognition wall has played a distinct role in bringing Humber River Hospital to fruition.

The wall wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing partner who helped us bring this complex project to life. To the team at Envision – thank you for understanding our vision and for bringing it to life! We also couldn’t have done this without Johnson Controls.


humber river hospital interactive donor wall


Why digital?


We’re digital too.

As North America’s most digital hospital, it made sense to invest in cutting edge technology that would allow us to profile our amazing donors, showcase some of our favourite photos of patients, physicians, and staff, and allow people to learn more about donor impact at Humber.

More flexibility for the user.

Visitors, patients, family members, staff, and volunteers can choose what they want to look at, from donor profiles, to legacy lists of donors from our previous sites.

Bigger impact.

With Envision’s help, we were able to create something dynamic and impactful, using vibrant colours and movement.

More recognition.

Having a digital and interactive wall means that we have flexibility to profile donors of various kinds. While the main canvas of the wall is more ‘traditional’ in the sense that it recognizes major gift donors who have given $25,000 or more since 2008, the interactive screen allows us to feature a full, searchable list of our Humber’s Very Own donors and legacy site donors as well as leadership volunteers. People give in all sorts of ways and this wall helps us to show our gratitude to more people than if we had a permanent fixture with limited space for names.

Less material waste.

The digital wall means less material waste every year when we put up new lists of donors who have contributed.




Who is on the wall?

On the main recognition canvas, all of our major gift donors who have given (cumulatively) $25,000 or more since 2008 are listed (unless they have elected to be anonymous).

Group donations are recognized under the group donation name.

The interactive screen features our Legacy Site donors, Humber’s Very Own donors the Foundation’s leadership volunteers (board of directors and event committee members) as well as donor profiles for a select level of our Major Gift Donors.

My name was on the recognition banners, where can I find my name now?

The main digital canvas is dedicated to cumulative donors of $25,000 or more since 2008. If your name was listed on any of our temporary recognition banners, it will be searchable in the interactive screen.

Who are the donors with permanent lettering on the wood panels?

Any of our Transformational Donors (who have given $5,000,000 or more) will be recognized with permanent, dimensional lettering on the wood panels between the interactive screen and the main digital canvas.

I’m a grateful patient, can my photo be featured on the interactive screen slide show?

We are always looking for new grateful patient photos and stories, after all it’s for you that we raise all of this money and your stories keep people motivated to support Humber. Please contact Christine Jeyarajah (416-242-1000 ext. 81504 or to discuss the area of care you have experienced at Humber and she will arrange an interview with someone in the foundation office. We are constantly collecting grateful patient stories and we will be updating the grateful patient slide show on the interactive screen four times a year. We cannot unfortunately guarantee that all grateful patients will be featured.

I’m a donor, can I provide a quote about why I give and be featured on the wall?

YES! Please contact Christine Jeyarajah (416-242-1000 ext. 81504 or to share your donor story and reason for giving. We are constantly collecting donor quotes and their reasons for giving and we will be updating the donor quotes featured on the main screen four times a year. We cannot, however, guarantee that all donor quotes will be featured.