Loved Ones Donate to Humber River Hospital Foundation In Memory of Agostino Scarangella

January 19, 2022

Agostino and his wife Angela on their wedding day.

Agostino Scarangella was a hardworking, passionate, family-oriented man, who loved watching sports and gardening. Married to his wife Angela for 67 years, they had four children after emigrating from Italy to Canada in the 1950s. 

Coming from a very close-knit family, Agostino would always stay connected with his siblings, nieces and nephews and neighbours. Agostino was especially close to his late younger sister, Palma Lavalle, since they lived one house apart, which happens to also be a 10-minute walk away from Humber River Hospital.  

“They used to go to a lot of doctor’s visits together before my aunt passed away four years ago at Humber River,” Flora Scarangella, one of Agostino’s daughters, said. “That was his hospital; it was my aunt’s hospital too.”  

Agostino’s Connection to Humber River Hospital 

Agostino receiving his first COVID-19 vaccine at Humber River Hospital.

Agostino was first connected to Humber River Hospital when he and his family found out that they were building a new Hospital in their community. After attending the hospital tours, Agostino’s family instantly loved the fact that there was now a Hospital that was one block away from home.  

“It was just so convenient that everything was there. It was always a quick visit at Humber and he could even look out the window and see his backyard,” Flora said.  

As Agostino got older, Flora said that there were a lot of things he couldn’t do anymore because of his mobility. In 2021, he had been in the hospital three times. Sadly, Agostino passed away on Friday September 3rd of congestive heart failure at Humber River Hospital after a 10-day stay. He was 95 years old.  

Agostino’s Family Donates to Humber River Hospital Foundation 

Agostino and Angela Scarangella pictured with their four children.

To celebrate Agostino’s life, his wife and children requested that in lieu of flowers, donations be sent to Humber River Hospital Foundation. Flora said this was because Humber River was the hospital that her father always went back to and took care of him through all of his illnesses. 

“We just thought that it would be more fitting for everything to be donated to Humber River,” Flora said. “We never gave it a thought to do something different, we just wanted it to go back to the Hospital knowing how much everything costs.”  

In fact, this wasn’t the first time Agostino’s family had asked loved ones to send in donations to the Humber River Hospital Foundation. Back in 2016, for Agostino’s 90th birthday, his family hosted a very casual birthday party of about 65 people on a beautiful summer day with his surviving siblings, nieces and nephews. In lieu of presents, his wife and children had asked their guests to donate to the Humber River  Hospital Foundation instead. 

Honour and Remember Your Loved Ones Today! 

Tribute gifts are one of many ways families like Agostino’s choose to honour and remember their loved  ones. Families can also set up their own fundraising page in memory of their loved one. The community benefits from the enhanced care that staff and physicians at Humber are able to provide with the support of donors. In addition, the family of the person memorialized benefits from the knowledge that their loved one’s life, achievements, and beliefs have made a difference to the health of their community.  

Upon receipt of tribute gifts, an e-card or printed card will be sent to the honouree’s next of kin to  acknowledge your special gift. To make an In Memory donation, click here or contact Saneh Singh, Officer, Annual Giving, via email at or phone at (416) 242-1000 ext. 81517. 

Thank you to Agostino’s family for sharing their story and for choosing to support Humber River Hospital Foundation. 

In memory of Agostino Scarangella
August 27, 1926 – September 3, 2021