Interview with Tarek Elgammal

April 29, 2022

During the sacred month of Ramadan, which is observed by 1.8 billion Muslims around the world, we are acknowledging the work of the local Muslim community at Humber River Hospital (HRH) and our Foundation.

Today, we’re shining a light on Tarek Elgammal, one of our Humber River Hospital Foundation Board Members. Tarek has been a part of the Foundation Board of Directors since June 2020.

“I’m proud to be on a Board that embraces diversity and strives to appeal to the needs of the community that it serves,” Tarek said. “The Muslim community has been very active in supporting the Hospital in different ways and I believe that part of my responsibility is to promote that voice.”

Looking Ahead

Tarek with Sandra Sualim, Foundation President & CEO, and Islamic Relief Canada at their signage unveiling.

Being part of the Foundation Board of Directors, Tarek hopes to bring more organizations on board to partner with Humber, such as Islamic Relief Canada or individual ambassadors that are prepared to help support the Hospital and raise awareness.

In order to do that, Tarek is really looking forward to engaging with the community in-person again and continuing to shine a light on the key funding opportunities that the Hospital needs.

“People are often surprised to find out that hospitals in Canada are not fully funded by the government and that they rely on the support of their donor base. Donors usually gravitate to a particular area of care and our job as a Board is to help make those connections.”

He adds that hosting in-person events can provide the community and donors an opportunity to see firsthand where they can make an impact and ask questions.

“Robotics surgery is one of my favourites, but there are so many great areas of care. Last year we did a Ramadan campaign for the Patient Comfort Fund, this year it’s the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).”

Ramadan 2022 Campaign for the NICU

This month’s Ramadan campaign focuses on raising funds for the NICU.

With that being said, this month’s Ramadan campaign focuses on raising funds for the NICU. Tarek says this is because it is a priority need in the Hospital that the Muslim community has always been connected to and very much wanted to continue to support and invest in.

“As a father myself, I can say that having a child is simultaneously the most exciting and scary event in life. The big question is always “boy or girl?”, but I think every parent knows the answer is: a healthy child,” he said. “The focus on the NICU is a tribute to every parent that has ever needed this service and ensuring that our Hospital can provide the best possible care.”

Message to the Humber Community

Now that Ramadan is coming to an end, Tarek said this month has been a time to self-reflect and to recenter our spiritual selves. He believes that there’s a great connection with Humber River Hospital.

“This is a special place because as Muslims we believe that there are specific blessings for the person who saves a life, to the person who cares for the less fortunate and the one that visits the sick. We can all play a role. If you would like to do more, then please reach out to any member of our team at the Foundation. In the meantime, remember the teaching that even a smile is an act of charity. Wishing you all an early Eid Mubarak!”


Our team at Humber River Hospital Foundation wish you and your loved ones a blessed Ramadan.

This month, we are bringing our community together to once again make an impact at Humber River Hospital, this time for the smallest babies and their families in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Please click here to make a donation.

Thank you and Ramadan Mubarak!