In Humber’s NICU, Your Gift Helps Tiny Hearts Get Stronger.

February 9, 2018

Mel and her daughter Cassie spent 2 months in Humber’s NICU

“I was only 25 weeks pregnant but there was no stopping my little Cassie! She was ready to meet the world even though she weighed only 800 grams—less than 2 pounds. She was born a very rare ‘micro preemie’. And she was so tiny—those tiny fingers and tiny toes and tiny little nose. Her heart must be tiny too, I remember thinking. I was beyond worried and scared. I got my strength, my hope and my courage from Humber River Hospital’s Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).” – Mel


High Impact: We Need Your Help

In our NICU, we put your gifts into action helping tiny hearts get stronger. Your donations provide hope, care and reassurance to worried new moms like Mel who just want to snuggle their fragile newborns. Your gifts helped baby Cassie, and her brave mom Mel, who were here with us for two months last summer.

Right now, there is an urgent need to help heal more tiny hearts. In many areas of our hospital, including Maternal and Child, we are already treating the number of patients we expected to see in 2020. That’s why your help is critical today.

By making a gift today, you will help more tiny hearts and brave families in the NICU. Your donation will provide crucial support in one of our busiest departments. You’ll help purchase and maintain state-of-the-art equipment. You’ll invest in excellent patient care. You’ll provide hope, care and love to patients and families when they need us most.

Since we opened our new hospital two years ago, over 7,110 babies have been born here—and 928 were admitted to the NICU. With more babies being born every year, the demand on our NICU in 2020 will be huge. With your help today, we can be here for every one of those tiny hearts that needs our high tech/high touch approach.


giraffe omnibed

The Giraffe Omnibed is a combined incubator and care station.

High Tech: Giraffe Omnibed

Every NICU room has a Giraffe Omnibed—a combined incubator and care station that can be positioned in many ways to allow us to access our delicate patients while disturbing them as little as possible. Our specialized monitors can detect even the very low respiration rates of small babies, and send alerts directly to the doctor’s phone so they can respond immediately. Every precious second matters.


High Touch: Family-Centered Care

Every NICU family has a single patient room for privacy and bonding. Each room includes a bed for parents and opens directly into a central nursing and monitoring station so that help is close at hand. A Family Courtesy Suite gives parents an additional place to shower and rest.

As Mel remembers, “The NICU becomes your home away from home. I knew the nurses really loved Cassie. If I ever had to leave her side, it was so hard. But the nurses made it easier for me, and I knew she was in the best possible hands. Today, she’s 7 months old and healthy. I’m forever grateful to my Humber family.”


Your support means we can be there for more tiny hearts and brave families in our community hospital. Please consider making a gift our NICU and other departments throughout Humber River today.