Gift of Gratitude: Janet’s Story

March 16, 2022

Jaroslav Petruck was a recent patient at Humber River Hospital.

When Jaroslav Petruck was admitted to Humber River Hospital from his long-term care home due to his various and complex health issues, his daughter, Janet Fanaki, felt like she had to prepare for anything, especially with the beginning of the Omicron variant.

Thankfully, her father received excellent care on the 13th floor, where they were able to get his oxygen levels back up.

During his three-week stay at the Hospital, Janet was in regular contact with Dr. Uri Sagman, her father’s main physician. She quickly felt at ease knowing that her father was receiving the best care from Dr. Sagman and his team.

“I got to see Dr. Sagman and the team on the floor quite often, and was reassured that my dad was in excellent care,” Janet said. “As a family member of the patient, when you’re spoken to in a way where you feel like a part of the team, it really makes a big difference and that’s exactly how Dr. Sagman made me feel.”

Janet added that Dr. Sagman really got to know her father and his care very intimately and would see her dad’s eyes light up immediately when the doctor would walk into his room. She found it lovely to see that they had formed a connection.

Janet Honours Dr. Sagman with a Gift of Gratitude

Jaroslav pictured with daughter Janet and their family.

While Jaroslav was in the Hospital, there was one pivotal moment when Janet realized that Dr. Sagman truly went above and beyond for their family.

She reflected on a time when Dr. Sagman called her in the evening to talk for a considerable amount of time about her dad’s prognosis during his off hours. He did that without hesitation and that meant so much to Janet and her family.

Once Jaroslav was discharged from the Hospital, Janet wanted to show her appreciation to Dr. Sagman by making a donation honouring him with a Gift of Gratitude. This comes with a special pin and personalized card presented to Dr. Sagman and helps future patients to receive excellent care.

Dr. Sagman said it was very humbling to have received this honour from Janet and her family.

“Our family gives back as much as we can to causes we have a personal attachment to. For us, that meant showing our gratitude for Dr. Sagman because we really felt that he went above and beyond his call of duty. This was a big deal to us.”

Dr. Sagman said it was very humbling to have received this honour from Janet and her family.

“I look after these patients as if they are my own family, so I try to protect and care for them,” Dr. Sagman said. “To me, that’s very important because it’s beyond empathy and you just do your utmost best because it’s what I do and it’s what you live for. I’m happy that Jaroslav was able to leave the Hospital and is doing very well.”

Learn More About Gifts of Gratitude Today!

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