Meet Our Frontline Education Fund Recipients

July 25, 2022

At Humber River Hospital, supporting the continued education of healthcare workers and medical learners at all levels has always been enthusiastically embraced. Having the ability to provide excellent and advanced care within a patient and family-centred environment both now, and in the future, is strongly encouraged.

Thanks to the generous donors of our Frontline Education Fund, in the past year, numerous Humber staff have had courses funded including Ida, Solmaz and Gurmit.

Ida Grisoni

Ida Grisoni is an Education Coordinator at Humber River Hospital.

Ida Grisoni has been working at Humber for over eight years and is an Education Coordinator. Her role as an Education Coordinator means that she coordinates corporate orientation to welcome and support new staff joining the organization. Her role also includes overseeing the organization’s Learning management system, and is the administrator who oversees the Hospital’s Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN).

She describes herself as someone who is always looking to upgrade her skills and hopes to eventually move towards a leadership-management role in the healthcare field. In fact, Ida is working towards getting a Bachelor’s of Health Administration degree, which is why she took the Intro to Health Informatics course that was funded by the Frontline Education Fund.

“I did the course because I knew it was going to help me excel in my future,” Ida said. “As I’ve grown with an organization, I look to find something that will help me still grow within it.”

Because of the Frontline Education Fund donors, Ida has used what she learned to expand her knowledge and be more in the loop of what’s happening in the Hospital.

“I would like to thank the people who donated to the Frontline Education Fund because it has helped so much. I don’t oversee the tuition department but I do tell everyone and promote it because it’s important that we can have some funds that will help us do better ourselves.”

Solmaz Haghighi

Solmaz Haghihi is a Lactation Consultant at Humber River Hospital.

Solmaz Haghighi is a part-time Lactation Consultant at Humber River Hospital since 2018, but she has over 18 years of experience.

She is currently working towards getting her Master’s degree to become a Family Nurse Practitioner, which is one of the reasons why she wanted to take the Education on Childhood Obesity course, because it coincided with her major project for her studies.

She has also applied what she learned from the Education on Childhood Obesity course in her daily role.

“My role as a lactation consultant is to educate moms. I know their babies are not school-aged children, but it all starts with how they breastfeed as well. There are benefits of breast feeding and everyday I speak with more than 20 moms about those benefits,” Solmaz said. “We have lots of articles on how breast-feeding prevents obesity in the school-aged children, so my role is still related to the Education on Childhood Obesity course as well.”

As Solmaz continues to work hard balancing her career while getting her Master’s degree, she expressed how grateful she is for the Frontline Education Fund donors.

“I really appreciate their support. I love studying and learning about new things, so knowing that the Frontline Education Fund donors supports that and our Hospital really makes me appreciate them and I’m so thankful.”

Gurmit Maghera

Gurmit Maghera is the Clinical Practice Leader of Clinical Simulations at Humber River Hospital.

When Gurmit Maghera first started working at Humber in 2002, she was a bedside nurse. Now, she has been a Clinical Practice Leader of Clinical Simulations since 2020 and this role allows her to teach and assists in simulation teaching.

As she transitioned into this new role, Gurmit felt a great need to explore more about clinical simulation, which is why she took part of the Simulation Certification program.

“I wanted something more than just a basic knowledge of simulation, such as knowing how different types of simulation learning and teaching activities relate to the successful learning outcomes for the learners, and how to prepare a safe learning environment for learners so that they can be engaged in simulation-based practice experiences and more,” Gurmit said.

Today, Gurmit has been able to integrate her newly learned skills and knowledge into her day-to-day role all thanks to the Frontline Education Fund donors.

“This program has not only enhanced my knowledge and simulation teaching skills, but has also helped me to become an improved and proficient simulation educator,” Gurmit said. “I’m so thankful for the Frontline Education Fund donors for funding the Simulation Certification Program.”



A special thank you to the donors of the Frontline Education Fund for supporting our Humber frontline staff with their courses.