Code Omega: Every Second Matters

May 2, 2016

Code Omega. I repeat: we have a Code Omega.

A Code Omega recently saved Judy’s life when she experienced massive blood loss shortly after giving birth. The team worked for three hours to stabilize her, giving her 21 units of blood in 45 minutes.

Our patient is bleeding out. Need a massive transfusion. Stat.

A lead physician and charge nurse rush on scene. An intensive care nurse and others are steps behind. The blood bank and lab snap into action prepping blood. A dedicated porter is dispatched and ready.

When it comes to blood loss, every minute, every second, matters. At Humber River Hospital, Code Omega tells our staff someone’s life is in imminent danger. Time is of the absolute essence.

A Code Omega recently helped save Judy D’Alelio’s life. Shortly after giving birth to a healthy baby girl, Judy experienced massive blood loss. Our care team responded immediately and announced the Code Omega.

Racing against time, the team rushed to Judy and worked for three hours to stabilize her. Judy received 21 units of blood in the space of 45 minutes. A typical surgery uses 1–2 units. After three days in an induced coma and six days in hospital, Judy was able to go home and be with her baby girl!

This story could have been a lot different. Judy is very grateful Humber River Hospital had the Code Omega protocol in place, to provide her with the blood she needed—as quickly as possible.

This is the impact your support can have on patients at Humber River Hospital. You can ensure we have life-saving medical equipment and the staff trained to use it—when it matters most. You can help us provide excellent, patient-centered care, at every step of the way.

Judy’s operation required an experienced team of people, as well as highly specialized equipment and instruments. And without the entire support system—the operating room, equipment, instruments, highly trained medical and laboratory staff—Judy’s story could have been a lot different.

Judy says: “I am very grateful to all the staff at Humber River Hospital for helping me during the six days I was at Humber River. I thank them for saving my life.”


WATCH – Physicians and staff at Humber River Hospital use Lucina, a childbirth simulator to prepare for Labour & Delivery scenarios, including postpartum hemorrhaging and cardiac arrest: