Bilateral Hip Replacements with the Hana Table: Shelley’s Story

November 27, 2023

For over a decade, Shelley suffered from hip pain in both of her hips.  

“Initially, my pain was dismissed by my doctor, who believed it couldn’t be serious due to my young age.” says Shelley, “I only managed to get through this period with the help of some pain medication they prescribed me – but what I needed was to see a specialist.” 

“My mother’s surgery was just as successful as mine,” says Shelley. “I have so much faith in Dr. Rodriguez-Elizalde and the whole team at Humber River Health!”

Despite the increasing intensity of her pain, she felt her concerns were consistently downplayed. The constant discomfort made everyday activities strenuous and hindered Shelley’s ability to fully engage in life. “My life during this period was significantly impacted by my pain which wasn’t just a physical ailment—it also affected my mental and emotional well-being.” says Shelley

Her hip pain had become so unbearable that she eventually sought out emergency care. It was here that she first received the startling news: she was an ideal candidate for early hip surgery.  

This revelation was both a shock and a relief. Finally, there was an acknowledgment of the severity of Shelley’s condition. It was through a neighbour that she first heard of Dr. Sebastian Rodriguez-Elizalde, a surgeon known for his innovative approach to hip surgery using the Hana Table. Her interest was further piqued when she came across an article in a local newspaper detailing his techniques and success stories. Shelley pushed for an appointment with Dr. Rodriguez-Elizalde, a decision that would eventually prove to be life altering. 

Shelley travelled for hours to see Dr. Rodriguez-Elizalde who evaluated her condition and agreed to perform surgery on both of her hips simultaneously. The prospect of having both hips operated on at once was daunting for Shelley, but offered a glimmer of hope for a pain-free future. 

“The surgery under the skillful hands of Dr. Rodriguez-Elizalde was more successful than I had dared to hope. The recovery process was remarkable!” says Shelley. She was able to walk without pain shortly after the surgery and return to her active lifestyle within two weeks time. 

“I run a daycare, which is a physically demanding job, and being able to do this without pain was a joyous experience.” says Shelley. “Furthermore, the ability to engage fully with my grandchildren without pain brought me immense happiness and a sense of normalcy back to my life.” 

Shelley is overwhelmed with gratitude and admiration for the staff at Humber River Health in addition to Dr. Rodriguez-Elizalde. “The staff’s care and Dr. Rodriguez-Elizalde’s expertise were exceptional!” says Shelley. “Their skill and compassion exceeded my expectations and played a crucial role in my recovery journey.” 

Inspired by her positive experience, Shelley recently took it upon herself to ensure that her mother also received treatment at Humber River Health with Dr. Rodriguez-Elizalde for her hip issues.  

“My mother’s surgery was just as successful as mine,” says Shelley. “I have so much faith in Dr. Rodriguez-Elizalde and the whole team at Humber River Health!” 

Expanding Robotic Surgery: Intellijoint HIP

Humber River Health is at the forefront of surgical innovation in Canada and with donor support, our Robotic Surgery Program is making a difference. Our surgeons are now using Intellijoint HIP, a state-of-the-art navigation system, to improve the accuracy of incisions and implant placement during hip replacement procedures. To learn more, please contact Caterina Magisano at