Aspen Grove Society: Giovanni’s Story

September 2, 2020

“I’m 92. 92-and-a-half, as a matter of fact,” says Giovanni, who moved to Canada from Abruzzo, Italy.

Giovanni came here for a better life, and took care of his mother and four siblings after his father died. He worked hard in the construction industry and eventually opened up his own printing company.

Giovanni is a proud supporter of Humber River Hospital Foundation and recently decided to include Humber in his Will, which means he is part of our Aspen Grove Society.

“I am very proud to support my friends and neighbours who use our Hospital. It feels very good,” he says. “I’m glad to know that I’ll also be able to help even after I’m gone. I always want to help the needy and sick in our community get better.”

One of the reasons why Giovanni is a continued supporter of Humber is that he feels very appreciated.

“I like hearing from different people at the Foundation about how they are using my donations. I know they are going to good use, and I feel that they always will,” he says. “Thank you to everyone at Humber for caring for people in our community. May God bless everyone in the Hospital, every day.”

To learn more about joining the Aspen Grove Society by including Humber in your Will click here.