The Allison Family Tree

May 31, 2018

What began as a way to make a difference in a community that needed the support has turned into years of involvement and has now inspired the next generation of Allison’s. “What can we do to help?” asked Paul and Rose Allison when they first became involved with Humber. Their simple question kicked off a remarkable relationship with Humber River Hospital.

allison team revolution

From left to right: James Allison, Paul Allison, Rose’s brother Serge D’Alesso, and Paul’s brother Mark Allison are all members of Team Revolution

While the Allisons’ support of Humber started with Paul and Rose joining the Hospital and Foundation boards respectively (Paul served as the board chair when Humber moved into the new building in 2015) and becoming donors themselves, they’ve expanded their own involvement and recruited their family to join them. A true measure of a philanthropist is someone who not only gives generously themselves but continues to bring their networks into the fold as well – the Allisons are true leaders and influencers and Humber, we are proud to say, is the beneficiary.

When Paul went to Italy the first time as a member of Team Revolution (a group of dedicated cyclists who fundraise for the Hospital while training for and competing in Granfondo races in Italy) he tackled the physically demanding event with his brother, Mark. The following trip two years later, Paul’s son James and Rose’s brother, Serge joined the team. For 2018, the Allison team is expanding once again to include Mark’s wife, May, and Rose’s other brother, Vince.

Notably, their team, Carley’s Angels, was also the top fundraising team in 2016.

If you can believe it, the Allison family commitment to Humber goes beyond fundraising and donations. Jessica Allison, Paul and Rose’s daughter is a dedicated member of the Humber staff team and has been since 2015. Talk about dedication!

“We had no idea what the extent of our involvement would be when we first started working with Humber,” said Rose. “It has been an extremely rewarding experience to help build this incredible hospital. But it’s not over, this is just the beginning.”

To say that that the Allison family have “helped” is a vast understatement. Not only do they exemplify the spirit of Humber River, they share the Hospital’s dream of a brighter future and for that, we are thankful.

Paul and Rose Allison received the 2018 No Limits Award at The River Ball: Glitz and Glamour By The River. Three notable voices at Humber River Hospital wanted to thank Paul and Rose for their ongoing support, in their own words: