A Look Inside Humber’s Simulation Lab

August 9, 2017

There’s a room at Humber that is used almost every day – yet you may not even know it exists… Humber River Hospital’s simulation lab!


A laparoscopic task trainer

Our Simulation Lab is used for:

• Staff Orientation
• Retraining
• Practicing New Skills and Techniques

It’s a safe environment for staff to learn and practice in. There are a number of task trainers – anatomically life-like models that learners can use to practice things like wound treatment, suture removal, and laparoscopic training.



simulation lab

iStan’s fingers turn blue to indicate when he is cyanotic.

iStan, one of our simulators, is a robot that can present different symptoms, depending on what learners are practicing. His nail beds turn blue when he’s cyanotic, his breathing can change, his heart rate can change, his pupils can dilate, and he can even talk!

Learners can practice diagnosing iStan and performing medical intervention in a controlled space.





humber river hospital simulation lab

Sarah Branton, Clinical Practice Leader, Simulation Lab poses with iStan.

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