“I Felt So Honoured” – Celebrating 2 Years of Gifts of Gratitude

May 3, 2021

We launched our Gifts of Gratitude Program in May 2019, after hearing the same thing over and over from grateful patients and their families: I don’t know how I could possibly thank my care team enough!

Now, when a donation is made in honour of someone at Humber River Hospital, they receive a special recognition pin & personalized card, and the donation helps future patients receive great care.

Since May 2019, our grateful patients have made 634 Gifts of Gratitude inspired by Humber’s staff, physicians, and volunteers, and have raised $238,651 for our Hospital!

Today, we’d like you to meet some of the amazing people whose above-and-beyond care inspired donations. We asked each of them how it felt when they learned that they had inspired a donation, and what it meant to them to receive to their special Gifts of Gratitude pins and cards. (Please note some of these photos were taken before the pandemic)



Mamta Modgil, Registered Nurse, Intensive Care Unit

“I was in tears, to be honest. It is an honour to receive a Gift of Gratitude. One of my pins was from a family whose loved one passed away. I was heartbroken for their loss, and to know that they remembered me meant so much. I have been a nurse for over thirty years and love everything about what I do. When my patients’ families can’t be there, especially during the pandemic, I care for them like I’d want my family cared for. Sometimes if I feel down, I’ll look at my Gifts of Gratitude pins. They motivate me to keep going.”


Marlene Sutherland

Marlene Sutherland, Registered Nurse, Surgery Program

“I was very moved and humbled by the gift that was donated in my name. It was nice to know that the patient was pleased with the care he received. I know that the staff at Humber work very hard to provide patients with excellent healthcare so it was nice to be acknowledged for the effort. Knowing that our team was able to support this patient in a vulnerable moment was very rewarding for me as a Registered Nurse.”


Dr Charles Radzinski

Dr. Charles Radzinski, Urologist, Urology Program

“I treat all of my patients with the same care – and it feels good to know that my patients appreciate what we’ve done for them. I have had the honour of receiving several Gifts of Gratitude and every single one has felt just as gratifying as the first. I went into medicine to help people, so I love that this program means that patients we have helped are now choosing to help future patients through their donation.”


Christofides, Alexandra

Alex Christofides, Child Life Specialist, Maternal & Child Program

“I felt so honoured to receive my Gifts of Gratitude pins! It’s humbling to hear that a parent has made a donation because of the care that I provided. Even though I knew about the Program, I wasn’t expecting to receive anything, and it feels nice. I love everything about my job working with children and their families. Our team works together to make a huge positive impact for the children that come through our doors, and this is such a lovely reminder that what we’re doing makes a difference!”


7W - Monica

Monica Da Silva, Manager, Level 7 West

“Every time my team receives a Gift of Gratitude, I can see how it lights up their eyes. I am proud of them. It’s definitely a reflection of all the hard work that they do for our patients. They barely sit down – all of their actions are patient-centered and the acknowledgement they have received through the Program is an additional gesture of appreciation from their patients for all the work they do. It’s motivating and reassuring to know that the work we do is noticed by patients and their families.”


Dr. Mirabelle D'Souza

Dr. Mirabelle D’Souza, OBGYN, Maternal & Child Program

“I love my job and I’m happy to do it, so it has been special to be recognized by families who felt my work made an impact in their lives. During the pandemic, some of my pregnant patients have had increased worries, and we have responded with a little extra counselling and care. I love being able to be there for delivery and witness such a special moment for their families. To know that they took the time to give back to the Foundation in honour of their care is very humbling. It’s a very nice feeling and reminds me why I do what I do.”


Anna Cipolletta

Anna Cipolletta, Clerical Associate, COVID-19 Assessment Centre

“At the beginning of the pandemic I was working in the Assessment Centre, which involved very quick interactions with patients, making sure we got all their information. If they were scared about the testing, I would try to help them relax by telling them what to expect and by making their experience a little lighter. When my Director told me someone had made a Gift of Gratitude in my honour I was shocked. It made my day! To be honest, my heart is still smiling about it months later.”


Mark Navaro

Mark Navarro, Registered Nurse, Cancer Care Program

“It felt really good to receive my Gifts of Gratitude pin – I’m just doing my job, so for a patient to go an extra step and acknowledge that care felt really good. My favourite part of my job is making a difference in people’s lives and helping them during vulnerable times. My pin is something tangible I can now look at if I’m having a rough day, to remind me that we are making a difference.”


Erika Soroka

Erika Soroka, Registered Nurse, Apotex Emergency Department

“Finding out that someone had made a donation in my name felt heartwarming, honestly. As nurses in the Emergency Department, we help guide patients and their families through their healthcare experience. COVID has required us to approach our work with even more mindfulness, not just around infection control, but especially around the heightened emotions our patients are experiencing. It’s fast paced but it’s all about connection. Knowing I touched someone is beautiful and this makes everything a little more bright.”



Are you grateful for the care you received at Humber River Hospital? Make a Gift of Gratitude in honour of the person or team who went above-and-beyond for you with a donation in their name.