Patient Care Reinvented.

Your Impact

Humber River Hospital provides care to nearly one million people. And because of your generosity, we continue to make a tremendous impact on our patients and our community.

Every gift received by the Foundation directly improves patient care by providing the latest and most sophisticated medical equipment and improvements to Humber River Hospital.

We’ve now been chosen to be North America’s first fully digital hospital in large part because of your continued investment. The new hospital, which will open in October 18, 2015, will provide our doctors and nurses with trailblazing technology and equipment which will result in more rapid diagnosis, improved accuracy and efficiency, faster communication, and most importantly, healthcare providers spending more time with patients and their families.

The impact of the new hospital will be felt well beyond its walls for decades to come as we continuously transform and improve people care for our diverse community while setting new standards of care for our nation.

For more information about the new hospital, click here.

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