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Grateful Patient Program

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Has an HRH healthcare professional made a difference in your life or in the life of someone you love?

Pay a special tribute to them by supporting our Grateful Patient Program.  It may have been kind words from a doctor or nurse, or a technologist who took time to explain a procedure.  It may have been a support staff, a porter or a volunteer who displayed an act of kindness.  Making a donation is a valued alternative to purchasing flowers, gift baskets or other gifts as tokens of appreciation.  Show your gratitude in a meaningful way through our Grateful Patient Program.   Your gift will help purchase much needed new equipment and technology for our new hospital.

Our grateful patients assist in providing care today while preparing for the future.

Show your gratitude for great patient care.  Your gift will recognize that special healthcare professional and express your deep and personal appreciation. A thank you card, recognizing their exceptional care, will be sent to them.

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How can a patient share their hospital experience and recognize a compassionate caregiver?

Humber River Hospital Foundation also invites patients and their family members to recognize exceptional caregivers at our Hospital by submitting your stories of compassionate care, which in turn will be shared with the appropriate individual, team or hospital department and our donors.  Inspiring stories like these encourage additional support from our community.

Make a grateful patient donation and honour that special someone who went above and beyond for you or your family:

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For more information about the Grateful Patient Program please contact:

David Welbourn
416-242-1000 x81513

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