Patient Care Reinvented.

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You’re not donating, you’re investing. You’re going to do something unprecedented: help Humber River’s staff deliver a revolutionary healthcare model whose all-encompassing benefits will ripple throughout one of Toronto’s most challenged yet determined communities.

You are investing in an urgent need. Toronto’s most diverse and overlooked region needs accessible and exemplary healthcare. That’s why HRH is launching the largest fundraising campaign in its history and we need you to be a part of this transformational project. Government has funded the “bricks and mortar”, but we need you to help raise the remaining $225 million required to build and equip the heart and soul of our organization – our community-centered programs and services, and the fine league of medical professionals who deliver them.

You are investing in potential. You will provide the people of Toronto’s northwest region with the stability they will require to fully meet the inherent challenge of your investment. Healthy citizens are the bedrock of thriving, strong, and safe communities. Your investment is a call to action that will have long term effects on our community’s economic viability.

You are investing in the realization of a dream. With your support, the whole vision can be realized with benefits accruing to patients, to healthcare in general, and to the community as a whole. Healthcare in the future will become increasingly complex and multidisciplinary. The new HRH will address all the complexities of modern medicine and societies, offering a whole new model for healthcare that is defined by interdisciplinary collaboration, social commitment, and global innovation.

It’s an ambitious project, but with your investment we will build a hospital that will grab the world’s attention and inspire replication. Modern, efficient, and expansive in its reach, your hospital will be more than just a place people turn to when they’re sick. The new Humber River will not only heal its patients, it will look outward and nurture a region within which we can all live, work, and prosper.

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