Leading Medical Technology

When the new Humber River Hospital opened to the public in late 2015, it brought to our community the impressive result of over 15 years of planning, fundraising and building. But the even better news for our patients is that we’re not done–we’ll never be done.

Humber River is your hospital and we need your help. We are striving to ensure that we’re ready for the challenges of tomorrow. With our donors’ charitable contributions, we will fund new equipment, programs and some of the world’s most advanced medical technologies.

The Hospital’s many programs of care showcase our advances, but also focus on maintaining our edge to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients. For our Surgery program, these enhanced outcomes, along with reduced waiting and recovery times, and a more positive overall experience, are what our patients take for granted.


Department of Surgery

Humber River’s department of surgery is at the forefront of technological innovation. We’re focused on constant enhancement and learning, and that’s why we are attracting some of the leading minds—and most skilled hands—in surgery today.

Humber River uses innovative, advanced techniques and equipment. We are recognized as a national leader in minimally invasive surgeries—including miniature camera-guided laparoscopic surgery. And our Breast Reconstruction program allows for select breast cancer patients to receive reconstruction at the same time as tumour removal, resulting in fewer surgeries and shortened recovery time.

In addition to funding ground-breaking technology, the support of our donors helps us bring innovative support programs to our patients and their families. The Hug and Hold program, as just one example, benefits our youngest patients by enabling parents to stay with their children up to the moment anesthesia takes effect in the OR.

While we are well-positioned to stay ahead of whatever challenges tomorrow brings to our growing community, we need our donors’ generous charitable contributions to do so.

We also need to make sure that people aren’t waiting months for life-changing procedures like hip replacements. That’s why we’re raising money for a new operating room. In its first year alone, we project that this will allow us to take on 710 new in-patient cases and 485 new day surgery cases. That’s almost 1200 lives our donors are directly impacting.

We couldn’t do it without your help.